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Back Pain: Find the Right Mattress for Your Back

What kind of mattress should I choose for back pain?

Back PainOnce we reach 30, back pain is more likely to become part of our life in some for or other. It's an unfortunate truth, and for back pain sufferers, choosing a new mattress can be a particularly agonising decision. Everybody has different demands, requirements, and different ways of sleeping, but here are a few tips to consider that may help you make the right decision. 

Choose a mattress that allows your spine to rest in a natural position. 

Many people have the mistaken belief that a firm mattress is the best thing for a bad back. However, if the mattress is too hard, the spine and muscles will stay tense all night, while a mattress that is too soft will cause your spine to droop like a hammock. Both cases can have painful consequences that are bad for your health. A good mattress should support your spine evenly in a natural position and allow your muscles to relax completely.

The mattress should ensure that the weight of your body is distributed evenly when you are lying down. If the mattress is too hard, your body will only be supported in a few places rather than being supported evenly. If the mattress is too soft, it will fail to provide suitable support or it will support you in the wrong places.

How sleeping position should affect your mattress choice

Back Pain

If you're a back sleeper

If you tend to sleep on your back, then your weight is distributed more evenly on a larger surface and a firmer mattress is best for you. The spine needs more support to stay in the correct, natural position.

If you prefer to sleep on your side

Side sleepers place more pressure on their shoulders and hips. In this case, a hard mattress is less good, because it hinders the circulation of blood in the areas of greatest pressure, which will cause them to wake up and turn around. The right mattress should be slightly softer, but still provide consistent support for every part of the body.

If you sleep on your stomach

"Skydivers" should have a mattress that responds evenly to the body's shape and weight distribution. A combination of a harder core and softer upper layer is best – it will provide support for the spine and prevent it from curving, while the softer upper layer provides more comfort for the joints and muscles.

What really matters?

Dormeo SleepWhen you lie down, your mattress should allow the body's weight to distribute evenly across every point it comes into contact with the mattress. Support should mainly be felt in the lumbar region and in the neck and shoulders

With most mattresses, the body's weight is focused on one point, e.g. the bottom. Take care to ensure that your mattress gives you even support for your entire body. This way, your spine will be in the correct position when you are lying in bed.

Don't forget that all Dormeo mattresses come with a free 60 night comfort guarantee. If after 60 nights of sleeping on it you find it's not for you, just let us know and we'll refund you the cost of the mattress.

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