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50 Bedroom Design Ideas to Improve Your Life

A bedroom plays an extremely important role in your daily life. It is a room that should be warm and calming to help you drift off to sleep, but also lively and inspiring to help kick start your day in a positive mood.

If you are feeling fed up with your bedroom’s decor, perhaps it is time for a spruce up to rejuvenate your sleeping space into a sanctum of slumber. Well, look no further, for here is a list of 50 wonderfully creative tips to help motivate your pursuit of revitalising your bedroom!

1. Get Rid of Clutter
Bedroom tips - get rid of clutter

It is all too easy to collect random objects over the years, items which often take up space and can make your bedroom feel cluttered. Whilst it may be a shame to see them go, it will do your bedroom a world of good and help you feel more relaxed in the space!

2. Go Big or Go Home
Bedroom tips - go big or go home

Small decorations especially can cause a sense of clutter. Try to avoid or limit the number of decorations that are smaller than a volleyball, instead preferring fewer larger items to make more of a statement.

3. Colour is Key
bedroom tips - colour is key

The choice of colour of your bedroom’s decor has a surprising impact as to how well you might fall to sleep. Pastel blues encourage a sense of calm and tranquillity, whereas brighter shades of red and purple can be too stimulating to encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.

4. Slim Shady
bedroom tips - slim shady

Use pale shades to increase light levels or choose darker shades to absorb light in order to increase or decrease how large your room feels. Use pale shades to increase light levels or choose darker shades to absorb light in order to increase or decrease how large your room feels.

5. Let the Sunshine In
bedroom tips - let the sunshine in

Maximising the amount of natural light is a sure fire way to help your bedroom feel bright and welcoming.

6. Stand Up Tall
bedroom tips - stand up tall

If your bedroom feels small, using vertically striped wallpaper can make the room feel taller and more spacious.

7. Extend the Length
bedroom tips - extend the length

If it is length that is the issue, a striped rug placed on the floor can help by making the room feel longer and wider.

8. Wall Hangings
bedroom tips - wall hangings

Hanging tapestries and carpets from your walls can add a dash of colour and texture to the decor.

9. Make a Feature
bedroom tips - make a feature

Consider making a wall into a feature wall, using bold colours or interesting wallpaper designs. Adding a splash of your unique personality to the room will really make it feel like your own space and somewhere you can relax in.

10. Fill Your Room with Memories
bedroom tips - fill your room with memories

Decorate your walls with pictures and photos to remind you of happy moments with your friends and family.

11. Dip those Frames
bedroom tips - dip those frames

For a quirky touch for your old picture frames, try dipping them into different colours of paint.

12. Photo Bunting
bedroom tips - photo bunting

Try attaching your photos to twine or rope which can then be hung from your walls.

13. DIY Bunting
bedroom tips - diy bunting

As well as photos, you could make your own bunting out of triangles of old pieces of cloth, helping to add a dash of quaint, rustic charm.

14. Plant Terrariums
bedroom tips - plant terraniums

Make an ecosystem in your bedroom through creating your own plant terrarium. A great way to make use of any old glass jars lying around.

15. Flower Power
bedroom tips - flower power

Plants and flowers can truly brighten your room as well as helping with fresh air. Opt for plants like Jasmine or Lavender that can help reduce stress, or plants such as Aloe Vera or Snake Plants which can improve air quality and emit oxygen at night.

16. Get Potty
bedroom tips - get potty

Plant pots don’t have to be dull. Paint your pots to give your room extra colour and an individual touch.

17. Any Excuse to Drink a Beer
bedroom tips - an excuse to drink beer

Plant pots don’t have to be dull. Paint your pots to give your room extra colour and an individual touch.

18. Pillow Funk
bedroom tips - pillow funk

Use scented oils or fragrance sprays on your pillows, helping you sleep to pleasant aromas. Scents such as lavender, chamomile and sandalwood help to reduce stress and create a calming environment.

19. Fresh Air
bedroom tips - fresh air

Open your windows daily to ensure your bedroom’s air does not become stale.

20. Mirror Image
bedroom tips - mirror image

Use mirrors to help make your room seem bigger and brighter.

21. Display your Bling
bedroom tips - display your bling

Keeping your jewellery and precious gems on a dedicated display stand adds some of your personality to the room, helps reduce clutter and means you can quickly and easily find the piece you want.

22. Go Wild
bedroom tips - go wild

Keeping your jewellery and precious gems on a dedicated display stand adds some of your personality to the room, helps reduce clutter and means you can quickly and easily find the piece you want.

23. Polka Dot
bedroom tips - polka dot

Decorate a wall or piece of furniture with different coloured pieces of confetti to bring extra colour into your bedroom.

24. Light up your Life
bedroom tips - lighten up your life

Choose interesting light fixtures to add a sense of style to your room.

25. Lamp Revamp
bedroom tips - lamp revamp

Decorate plain, boring lampshades with paint or multi-coloured tape.

26. Fairy Lights
bedroom tips - fairy lights

Stringed lights can be easily arranged and attached around your room. The headrest makes a great place to dangle lights from!

27. Bulb Savvy
bedroom tips - bulb savvy

Choose the right kind of bulb for your lamp or light fitting in order to create the right ambience.

28. Save Energy
bedroom tips - save energy

Choose energy saving bulbs like LEDs to save money and help the environment.

29. Righteous Rugs
bedroom tips - righteous rugs

Rugs can be a great way to make your bedroom more snug, whilst also helping to trap warm air.

30. Bed Throws and Blankets
bedroom tips - bed throws and blankets

Extra blankets and throws can add colour, texture and comfort to your living space.

31. Leave it Messy
bedroom tips - leave it messy

Don’t make your bed immediately every morning. Give it time to air to help rid it of any moisture and to kill those pesky mites.

32. DIY Bedside Tables
bedroom tips - diy bedside table

Get creative and make use of concrete blocks or wooden pallets, turning them into unique pieces of furniture of your own.

33. Strand by Strand
bedroom tips - strand by strand

Use pieces of rope to make interesting aesthetic additions to your room, such as a macrame curtain.

34. Suspended Storage
bedroom tips - suspended storage

Rope may also come in handy to create hanging shelves, helping you to store your favourite books.

35. Crate Ideas
bedroom tips - crate ideas

Old crates can be fantastic storage solutions, whilst offering a stylish addition to your room. Particularly great for your records!

36. Headboard Splendour
bedroom tips - headboard splendour

Headboards don’t have to be boring planks of wood. Get the paint out and jazz them up!

37. Headboard Storage
bedroom tips - headboard storage

Construct shelving units onto your headboard to maximise storage space. Perhaps hang a curtain to conceal your personal items that may be stored on them.

38. Symmetry is Key
bedroom tips - symmetry is key

Harness the harmony of Feng Shui and do things in pairs, such as placing two bedside tables on either side of the bed.

39. Double Access
bedroom tips - double access

Make sure your bed is not up against a wall so you can get in and out of both sides to again help with the Feng Shui.

40. Cushion Fusion
bedroom tips - cushion fusion

Pillows and cushions don’t have to be just for sleeping on. Turn them into statement pieces by selecting cushions and pillows with interesting designs and bright colours or decorating them yourself.

41. Bean Bag Bonanza
bedroom tips - bean bag bonanza

Bean bags are great fun and very comfortable, whilst also often coming in funky colours. They serve as great seating items for visitors and yourselves.

42. Back to Basics
bedroom tips - back to basics

Avoid cluttering your room with electronic gizmos such as TVs and computers. Bedrooms are meant for resting, so keep distractions at bay.

43. Dapper Doors
bedroom tips - dapper doors

Utilise your wardrobe doors and bedroom doors as storage devices through attaching things such as shoe racks and fold-out shelves that hang from the door.

44. Under the Bed
bedroom tips - under the bed

Don’t forget to hide your belongings under your bed, helping to avoid clutter. Put your items in crates or boxes.

45. Get Fishy
bedroom tips - get fishy

Fish tanks can offer a soothing ambience to your bedroom. Drift asleep as you see your little fishes swimming along.

46. Canopy Cornucopia
bedroom tips - canopy cornucopia

Construct a canopy for your bed to create a more romantic ambience.

47. Raid a Skip
bedroom tips - raid a skip

If on a budget, or wanting to have a go at up-cycling, make use of unwanted items such as pallets or worn-out bookcases and create your own unique pieces of furniture.

48. Floor to Floor Storage
bedroom tips - floor to floor storage

To maximise floor space, use tall wardrobes that reach from the floor to the ceiling.

49. Reversible Revolution
bedroom tips - reversible revolution

Make your duvets double in their style potential by getting reversible duvet covers.

50. Can you Candle it
bedroom tips - can you candle it

Get yourself some delightful scented candles to bring colour and fragrance into your room.

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