Dormeo octaspring cool breathable

How Breathability Makes A Cooler Mattress

Dormeo octaspring cool breathableAt Dormeo we talk a lot about our Octaspring mattresses, pillows and toppers being 8x more breathable than traditional memory foam, because we’re very proud of that fact and we believe it’s something to shout about.

But what does this actually mean in real terms? How does this alter the feel for you in bed? What difference does it make to YOU?

Possibly the world’s coolest memory foam mattresses…

We wanted to prove that our “breathable memory foam spring” technology actually works, so we visited an independent laboratory and asked them to conduct heat sensor tests for us.

In the video you can clearly see how hot air dissipates away from the sleeping surface making your mattress a much cooler place.

Octaspring’s breathable foam springs act like a bellows. Every time you move, warm air is expelled from the mattress and cool air is drawn in. Pretty clever stuff, and the result of years of testing by inventor Willy Poppe.

If it feels like you’re sleeping on a bed of air it’s because, effectively, you are!

But don’t just take our word for it. Discover what actual users of Octaspring have to say…

Cools and comforts:

Having the house warmer due to a new baby, Mark & Heidi don’t find their sleeping environment any hotter:

The perfectly cooling choice if you’re naturally a hot sleeper like Mhairi:

Octaspring maintains a steady, consistently cool temperature:

So if you’re a hot sleeper, looking for a less humid and overwhelmingly hot sleeping environment, Octaspring could be the ideal mattress choice for you!

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