Why Choose Memory Foam?

Why choose Memory Foam?

Welcome to National Bed Month! Organised by The Sleep Council, National Bed Month is an annual awareness event dedicated to improving YOUR sleep. A landmark study in 1988 found that doing just that, increased sleep by an average of 42 minutes per night. What better time to think about replacing your old mattress?

Dormeo has long promoted the enormous benefits of choosing memory foam over traditional sprung mattresses. But why?

Memory foam has been around a lot longer than you might think, but it wasn’t originally developed with mattresses and pillows in mind. In fact, being both very soft and highly energy absorbing, it was first developed in the 1960’s by NASA’s Ames Research Center to be used in aircraft seat cushions. Since then, it has found many other uses but is now probably best known for its use in the sleep industry.

So what is the memory foam difference? Dormeo, the Memory Foam Mattress specialists, explain the benefits of investing in a memory foam mattress.

Allergy relief

Did you know your mattress could contain anything up to 10 million dust mites at any given time? And guess what? The most common place for dust mites to live is in our beds and pillows.

Popular with dust-mite allergy sufferers, memory foam mattresses are made from inorganic fibres. As such, they don’t provide any tasty, life-sustaining food for nasty, hungry dust-mites to feed on. As a result, dust-mites can’t thrive and will therefore avoid them.

In addition, the cotton covers of all Dormeo mattresses are impregnated with Sanitized® protection against dust-mites, fungi and bacteria, making them especially suitable for people with asthma or allergies. The layer below the mattress cover also contains hypoallergenic silicone wadding that provides additional protection against bacteria and allergens. In fact, Dormeo specialises in providing antimicrobial, hypoallergenic products. Check out our specialist Aloe Vera Range and Silver Range for more details.


Memory foam mattresses are denser than other mattresses, making them super supportive. Memory foam moulds to your body, helping relieve pressure points and preventing pressure sores, aches and pains. Dormeo utilises this technology but takes it one step further. We combine it with our uniquely breathable Ecocell® foam which has a 3 dimensional cellular structure and is designed to be permanently elastic – it provides the perfect support for your body.

Your body heat softens the memory foam at your individual pressure points, providing support just where it is needed and encouraging the perfect spine alignment to promote the perfect night’s sleep.

Spine alignment

Memory foam is both viscous AND elastic. You are probably familiar with the quality of elastic; you’ll know viscous too. Honey, for instance, is a viscous material. It’s the viscous property of memory foam, that honey-like property, that resists your weight and it’s the elastic property that sees to it that your Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress returns to its original shape.


Memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material which adjusts to your own individual body heat and weight. As it warms, it softens and its heat-retaining properties have been found to be particularly beneficial to pain sufferers who find the added warmth helps to ease their pain. Dormeo’s Ecocell® foam is uniquely breathable, ensuring that the sleeper experiences all the benefits of the temperature-sensitive foam, without becoming too hot.

Bedbugs don’t live in memory foam

The most convincing argument for many mattress buyers…

Memory foam mattresses have a solid core, and as such, don’t provide a space for bedbugs to move in and set up home. The common bedbug is a small, flat bodied insect that feeds on blood, particularly from humans. Bedbugs don’t spread disease but their bites can be itchy and painful and often become infected.

Bedbugs also breed quickly and are very good at hiding. They are also incredibly resilient, capable of surviving months without food, making their detection and extermination very difficult. Where bedbugs are concerned, it really is a case of prevention being better than cure.


Not very attractive little critters are they?

At Dormeo we are a pretty happy bunch, because we sleep on Dormeo mattresses. For us it’s quite easy to recommend our products to others because we all sleep on them. We know them, use them and enjoy the benefits. So why should you tolerate poor sleep? Dormeo can help eliminate the most common causes of a lack of sleep but don’t just take our word for it. All our mattresses are available in Single, Double, King and Super King sizes and come with our 15 year warranty and our 60 night Comfort Guarantee. We are that sure that you will experience the best sleep that if you don’t agree within the 60 day trial period, we’ll happily refund you the cost of the mattress with our ‘No Quibble Refund’.

If you have any questions or queries, we are on hand any time to answer them, free, on 0800 625 0134.

Bedbug image courtesy of Killgerm Group Limited.

  • Norman Young
    Posted at 11:36h, 28 February Reply

    What sizes do you have them length and width?

    • Lucy Catten
      Posted at 12:23h, 11 March Reply

      A UK standard King is W 152cm x L 202cm.
      Superking is W 182cm x L 202cm.
      Double is W 137cm x L 192cm.
      Single is W 92cm x L 192cm.

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