Dormeo Back to Uni Bundles

Just an extra £20 with your Dormeo memory foam mattress purchase will get you a perfect bundle of brilliant bedding bits, to set you or your loved ones up for Uni perfectly!

It’s often overlooked, but here’s why you should pay proper consideration to your bedding before you go to Uni.

1. The importance of sleep to your studies. It’s well recognised how important good sleep is to your cognitive powers. Good quality deep sleep allows your brain to recover and “file away” all the issues of the day, leaving your mind sharp and revitalised for the morning.

2. Hygiene. Who know what has gone on on the mattress inherited in the university halls’ dorm-room! Dust-mites, bed bugs, mold spores… and that’s not including all the remnants of the things that students get up to, and which we won’t go into on a family website. What we will say is, don’t take the chance on what you might be sleeping on! It matters.

3.  The Dormeo mattress comes rolled-up. It’s so easy to pop into the back of the car on your way to Uni and to set it up on your new bed. Over 3-4 hours it will fully open and be fresh as a daisy, ready for your new start. Guaranteed to rejuvenate and renew your body and mind as you sleep and, as a result, improve your mental faculties. It’s so important, not just at the beginning of term for your new start, but at that crucial end-of-term period, when you need to be at your sharpest for the exam season.

What’s in the Back-To-Uni bundle?

With any Dormeo memory foam mattress purchase you get a new Dormeo duvet, two Memosan anatomic memory foam pillows, and a unique pair of Merino wool slippers (perfect for keeping the tootsies warm during study time in that cold student flat!).

The price of the bundle ranges from just £20-£35, dependent on whether you choose a Single, Double, King-Size or Super-King duvet. The normal price for all these items would start at £114!

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Dormeo Back To Uni Bundle

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