Dormeo Miracle Mattress

Dormeo Memory Fresh Mattress Review

Dormeo Miracle Mattress

We recently received a fabulous Dormeo Memory Fresh mattress review from expert blogger Jacqui over at the Mummy’s Little Monkey blog.

Mother of two little girls, Jacqui has been a sufferer of terrible insomnia for some time now, and, while the old demon of sleep deprivation still comes back to knock at her door from time to time, she is positively glowing in her praise of what the Dormeo has done for her levels of sleep and how she feels as a result.

Dormeo Memory Fresh Mattress

About the Dormeo Memory Fresh

This is a relatively new addition to our range, based on the best-selling Dormeo Memory mattress, and we developed the Memory Fresh to offer additional cleansing benefits. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-dust-mite, breathable, supportive, luxurious to the touch, and brings a sensation that feels like floating on air.

What Jacqui says:

“It was the best mattress I’d ever slept on. EVER. It was lovely and firm, yet when I lay on it my body felt as if it was floating.”

“This wasn’t just a mattress, this was a MIRACLE mattress.”

“A few weeks on I’m still infatuated.”

Read her complete review over at Mummy’s Little Monkey

Maybe you’ve seen the Memory Fresh advertised on TV?


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