Dormeo New Products Photoshoot

DORMEO IN THE studioWe’ve been in the photo studio this week! A chance to stretch our legs and get out of the office is always to be welcomed.

This week we’ve been shooting our next generation of Octaspring mattresses and our soon-to-be-released fabulous new adjustable beds.

Watch this space for more details on each of the exciting new products in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our little sneak preview!

We shot new images for Dormeo Options; Dormeo Silver, Memory, Aloe Vera, and DuoFeel; new divans in white called Venice, Roma, Tiffany, Ottoman, Loire and Revive, as well as the fancy new Adjustable (pictured); our Evercomfy duvets and mattress protectors; and our new Dormeo & Octaspring pillows and toppers. All-in-all, a busy old day!

In the studio, masterminding the shoot, were three very important Dormeo people that you should know about:

1. Boris. He’s responsible for our products. He’s the one that has to go back time and time again to our manufacturers demanding “softer, more supportive, better materials, better value…!” Things have to be just right, and Boris is the man who makes sure no corners are cut. He’s been with Dormeo for 10 years now and knows EVERYTHING!

2. Tom, our web guru. He lives to make the online buying process as clear, transparent and simple as possible for you. If you have a good look around our website you’ll also find constantly-changing, very attractive Dormeo special offers, bundles and discounts, curated by him, for you. He’s a West Ham fan, but is really very nice.

3. Ieva. Ieva’s from Latvia and is a bit of a legend. She’s been with Dormeo for the last 10 years, and owns some amazing turquoise nail varnish. She’s overseeing the photoshoot and, as an interesting completely-unconnected sideline, has a fabulous blog that she runs in her spare time all about beaches (check it out if you want to dream of escaping the dreary winter weather for a minute or two!)

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