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The New Aloe Vera Memory Foam Mattress!

By Robert Logie

The infusion of nature’s miracle plant creates a new level of soothing comfort for Dormeo…

Dormeo Aloe Veradormeo aloe vera full 6000 years of health knowledge in one mattress

Aloe Vera LogoThe ancient Egyptians branded Aloe Vera the “plant of immortality” over 6000 years ago and, while we can’t promise you everlasting life, our new Aloe Vera-infused mattress will leave you feeling significantly refreshed and rejuvenated. You could even say it will give you a renewed lease of life… Don’t believe there’s something in it? Just check out this health blog’s list of 40 amazing uses for Aloe Vera.

The ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and ancient Greeks all tapped into Aloe Vera‘s miracle powers, whether as part of their beauty routines, to soothe ailments, or for its vital health benefits.

These days of course Aloe Vera is an essential ingredient in so many treatments and potions you’ll find every day in health and wellness stores around the world.

This is what gave the product development whizzkids at Dormeo the idea to develop a memory foam mattress infused with this unbelievable little green marvel.Dormeo Aloe Vera Mattress Cover

What does Aloe Vera bring to a mattress?

Quite simply, by infusing the Dormeo mattress cover with Aloe Vera we’ve created a sleep environment that’s comforting, healthy and that regenerates the fabrics of your bedding, accentuating the soft, smooth and anti-static properties of the mattress. It will make you feel truly beautiful in bed. The result will be a softer, calmer and gentler sleeping environment.

Dormeo memory foam mattress

How is the rest of the mattress constructed?

The mattress is 20cm deep. For the part closest to your body there is 40mm of visco-elastic memory foam sewn directly into the cover to gently cushion you as you sleep, eliminating pressure points. The elimination of pressure points allows your blood to flow freely through your body, keeping you in that essential deep sleep phase for longer, and leaving you more refreshed when you wake as a result. Nice.

Nestling beneath that soft top layer is the slightly firmer and more supportive 160mm layer of Dormeo’s own patented Ecocell(R) memory foam. This layer is all about giving your body the support it needs, keeping your spine in perfect alignment.

The Dormeo Aloe Vera memory foam mattress is particularly suitable for sufferers of allergies or asthma and is protected by what we call Clean Effect, which provides protection from dust-mites and microfibres.

The Dormeo sleep boffins have awarded this mattress a soft-to-medium firmness rating, meaning it’s designed to bring you a feeling of soft and gentle comfort that’s underpinned by a well-balanced layer of support.

Find out more, over on the Dormeo website.

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    New, comforting and healthy. Read all about it on the blog:

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    New, comforting and healthy. Read all about it on the blog:…

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    New Aloe vera memory foam mattress is a very good mattress. It gives good nights sleep and comfort for long time.
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    Great information,I like the quality of your foam mattress.

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