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What Do Our Dreams Actually Mean?

By RobertL
what do our dreams mean

Dreams are strange. We’ve all been there – those nonsensical worlds where the familiar is turned upside down, where we are capable of things we could never do in real life.

Dreams of flying and running over buildings may be exhilarating, but then there are the ones about falling, being chased by man-eating tigers or perhaps being trapped in a burning building. Those aren’t so great.

What if we could understand what they mean? What if we could tease out the common elements and link them to what is happening in our everyday lives? Many people believe we can do just that, and here at Dormeo we have looked into some of the most common explanations for you.

Dreams of Falling, Flying and Being Chased

Do you regularly dream about falling uncontrollably, or from a great height? If so, it could be an indication of underlying anxiety or a lack of control in everyday life. But the way you fall is key – if it’s a gentler type of fall it could simply mean a gradual process of letting go.

When it comes to flying, the same principle applies – do we fly confidently towards a goal, do we soar high in the sky, or do we just skim the surface of the ground, unable to gain height? Flying often indicates confidence and control, but if you have trouble maintaining it there may be obstacles in your path.

Being chased suggests that you are running away from your problems. Turn around and look at who is chasing you. Is it someone you recognise? Does this give you a clue about the issue you should be trying to resolve?

Dreams About Your Teeth Falling Out

Another common dream is the imagining of one’s teeth falling out all at once. It’ll start with an unusual feeling of something in the mouth which needs spitting out, and when the dreamer spits it into their hand they are surprised to find they spit their teeth out with it. Dream scientists connect this with an anxiety about lack of power, the ability to communicate and one’s basic appearance being firmly connected to your teeth.

Dreaming of Water

Water is associated with our unconscious minds and emotions. A still, clear lake or sparkling stream suggests that we are managing our emotions well, but cloudy or turbulent water indicates a more troubled mind.

Dreaming About Money

Many of us have seen money in our dreams, whether we’ve won it, found it, or just appeared to have it. This can represent a quest for love or power, rooting from new energy and confidence within. On the other hand, losing money may reflect a sense of loss related to power or ambition in a present situation.

At the end of the day, only you can decide what your dreams mean. But if you’re regularly hunted by a scary great white shark through a murky ocean – well you may just want to turn around and hit that symbolic shark on its metaphorical nose!

shark dream


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