Goldilocks and the perfect Octaspring mattress

Goldilocks Searches For The Perfect Mattress

Young Goldilocks was a mattress shopper with high standards, and in her search for the perfect mattress she believed in trying before buying.

But the metal spring mattress was too hard, and the memory foam mattress was too hot. “Perfect!” she said, when she came to the Octaspring 8500 mattress, “it’s just right!”

“It’s soft and accepting for my body, but there’s also a strength and support underneath it, almost like I’m being cradled on a bed of air. And it’s really airy-feeling. I can feel a constant ventilation thanks to the patented, breathable memory foam springs that make Octaspring so special”, she went on to add in remarkably good English for an 8 year old.

Fortunately Octaspring is no fairy story. It’s real-life and it’s available here from Dormeo.

What’s more… our free delivery, and 60 night home trial means you don’t have to be sneaking into angry bears’ homes to give it a try.

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