How to have the perfect Valentine’s duvet day

It’s almost the most romantic time of the year and, up and down the country, couples are planning the perfect Valentine’s Day together. But, with restaurants to book, gifts to shop for, and roses to buy, such romance usually comes with a lot of legwork.

However, for many people, especially millennials, the grand Valentine’s outing could soon become a thing of the past. Recent research by VoucherCodes suggests 78% of young people are engaging in the joy of missing out (JOMO), where they actively look to stay in and enjoy their own or each other’s company. Because of this, it stands to reason that many people won’t be trying to book that special corner table this year.

With this in mind, we thought we’d suggest a JOMO-inspired alternative that’s laid back but still loved-up: the Valentine’s duvet day. So, choose your most comfortable loungewear, snuggle up, and start up your streaming service of choice, as we reveal how to have a relaxing but romantic time.

Start your day the right way

One of the first things you should do to prepare for your duvet day is to turn off your alarm so that you can both wake up in a totally refreshed and in a relaxed mood. With a lazy time ahead, there really is no better way to start the day than by allowing your body to start up when it wants to. And, if you enjoy the feeling of waking up the right way, you might be interested to read our blog post on the topic.

Next, you’ll want to follow up your lie-in with a scrumptious breakfast in bed. This will involve one of you leaving the sanctuary of the bedroom for a while, but why not step up to the plate and show how much you care? Prepare food you both love, whether it’s a full English or a stack of heart-shaped pancakes, put it on a tray, then bring it to bed to enjoy in blissful comfort.

If you want to push the boat out and make something really fancy, then it’s worth taking a look at BBC GoodFood’s list of breakfast in bed recipes. They range from luxury soft-boiled eggs to posh lobster muffins, so you’ll be able to find a dish that suits your tastes and ability level.

Don’t forget some entertainment

Even though sleeping in and enjoying breakfast in bed makes for a very fun start to Valentine’s Day, you will probably need something to keep you occupied eventually. So, get your thinking caps on and decide what you’d both like to do.

There are an endless number of options. For instance, you could sit down to a romantic comedy marathon on your favourite streaming service or listen to an album that you both love from the comfort of your bed. You could even play a fun board game together — Apartment Therapy have a stellar list of great two-player games that’s well worth checking out.

Get as comfy as possible

A Valentine’s duvet day is tailored made for relaxing together, so it’s important you have all the kit so that can both get very comfortable. There’s only one option for clothing: pyjamas! So, make sure you both have a brand-new pair of cosy PJs and a soft dressing gown to slouch around in or, failing that, be sure to don your favourite set of comfy loungewear for the day. And, make sure you resist all temptation to get dressed in real clothing, as this pretty much signals the end of your duvet time.

You will also need to make sure your bed is as comfy and supportive as possible, seeing as though you’ll be spending the whole day there. A new set of luxurious pillows and a warm and snuggleworthy duvet should be at the top of your list, while you can breathe new life into a tired mattress with a mattress topper. Pick these up and your day will be spent in glorious comfort.

Indulge in some comfort food

You’ve already had your breakfast in bed, so why change things around when they worked so well last time? Be sure to pick up some tasty snacks in advance and don’t be afraid to work that sweet tooth — there’s always some gorgeous Valentine’s chocolate, cookies, and cakes available at this time of the year for you to choose from.

When it comes to that all important evening meal, there’s no need to get all dressed up to go out — get in touch with your takeaway of choice and order your favourite food.

Follow our top tips and you can have a Valentine’s duvet day that you’re both sure to enjoy. Enjoy your day together!

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