How to update your bedroom for the summer

With all the excitement of the bank holiday weekends in May, you may not have noticed the fact that we’ve quietly reached June, the month where things start to heat up. Yes, that’s right, almost half of 2019 is gone, and summer really begins on the 21st of this month.

And, with sunnier days ahead, it’s the perfect excuse to update your bedroom ready for the summer. In this blog post, we’ve put together some of our top tips for revamping your room, including both stylistic and practical changes you can make — read on to find out what they are.

Swap those winter sheets

When it’s cold through the winter, it’s absolutely essential to have a heavy duvet that keeps you warm and cosy. However, the need for that extra insulation recedes in the spring and summer, so you’ll need to swap those thick sheets for something thinner and more breathable.

The ideal summer weight duvet is 4.5 tog, but you can go for a 7.5 tog if you prefer the feel of a weightier sheet at night — be sure to check our duvet tog guide for more information. Pair these with a breathable fabric cover, such as cotton or linen, to stay nice and cool this summer.

Brighten up the room with accessories

Another great way of brightening your room without having to spend out too much is to add a few summery accessories that will bring a much-needed splash of colour.

There are a tonne of ways to brighten your space. Try swapping out your demure winter bedsheets for a set that are a little livelier. If you want to stick to an understated neutral colour for your bed, you could invest in some scatter cushions in a vibrant colour instead. You could even bring in a patterned rug to tie your room together, which works especially well if you have a lot of open floor space.

Bring some nature indoors

Enjoy spending your summer outside enjoying nature? Then why not bring a small slice of the outdoors into your bedroom in the form of some houseplants or flowers. Adorning a side table or dresser with a beautiful bouquet is a great way of bringing both a pop of colour and a summer scent to your room, which can be a real mood booster.

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, some houseplants have sleep enhancing properties that have been scientifically proven. Studies have shown the scents of jasmine and lavender can have a relaxing effect on our brains, while species like the snake plant can purify the air in our homes so we can breathe and rest easier.

Plan a decorating project

Though we’ve mentioned some smaller changes you can make, summer is also a great season to get inspired for a decorating project. So, whether you plan on picking out a new wallpaper or getting your paint roller out, be sure to choose a new look that matches those good vibrations.

If you’re looking to pick a new wall colour to aid your sleep, you might be interested to know that there are some shades that are more restful than others. According to a survey by Travelodge, those with blue rooms get an average of 7 hours 52 minutes every night, with yellow (7 hours 40 minutes) and green (7 hours 36 minutes) also helping people get their recommended 7–9 hours. On the other hand, purple (5 hours 56 minutes) and grey (6 hours 12 minutes) were the two worst offenders for disrupting rest, both delivering sleep short of the recommended length.

Consider upgrading your mattress

Just like swapping those winter sheets, the summer can be a great excuse to upgrade your mattress. It’s natural to want a model that can deliver both comfort and a cool touch during the warm nights, and you don’t need to look far to find the ideal solution.

Our Octaspring mattress range combines the best qualities of memory foam and sprung models in a foam-spring system that offers both personalised support and comfort and incredible breathability. Upgrading to one of these mattresses will deliver the perfect night’s rest this summer.

So, why not take our advice on board and update your room for the summer? You won’t regret it at all! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and visit our blog and advice centre for more sleeping tips.

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