International Childrens Book Day

Did you know April the 2nd is International Childrens Book Day?

So what would your favourite be? What a choice of books to choose from! And amazing how many are designed to bring your little ones up to a level of excitement, and then down again to a warm, safe, cozy place when everything turns out all right in the end. Very often with a snuggling-up-in-bed for the hero of the book.

Safe, reassured, comforted… just how we all want to feel in our beds.

As a bedtime story-reading aside, I don’t know about you with your children, but how many of you are regularly guilty of nodding off before the book is finished, like this writer does? Worse still, realising you’re nodding-off yet have been speaking complete nonsense. I’ve never quite captured what these words are, but they are clearly the lost ramblings of the “awake brain’s” last thoughts before the body goes into slumber. Of course, when we do sleep our brains are busy filing and formatting the day’s thoughts, repairing itself, preparing for the next day ahead, and so that perhaps explains why the words are gibberish!

When it comes to favourite bedtime stories we were always intrigued by the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as we always saw a similarity in our quest for the perfect bed, the quest which led us to create our luxury Octaspring mattresses. So we made a story about it…

Obviously the way we’ve presented the story below is a little extreme in the way it talks about other mattress technologies, as they certainly have their many benefits. But what we were trying to illustrate was the thinking behind the Octaspring, being the very best of both worlds without any drawbacks.  We hope it helps you understand the genius behind the Octaspring in a rather wry, amusing way…

And of course we all know that Goldilocks was indeed a picky little minx!



OctaspringThreeBears3 OctaspringThreeBears4

What’s your favourite children’s book?

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