Dormeo Love Your Mattress lovember

Do You LOVE Your Mattress? These People Do!

Dormeo Love Your Mattress lovember

This month we’re celebrating what we call LOVEMBER.

Celebrating the love of our beds, our mattresses, and sharing the love that others have kindly shown in choosing to talk about the difference that Dormeo’s memory foam mattresses have made to their lives. Do you love your mattress as much as they do?

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or YouTube, you’ll be able to see some of the truly great things people have been telling us.

Some have made us laugh, some have made us feel good about what we do here at Dormeo, and some have had a big personal impact on us. Very often at work you hear about the negatives, the small things which can go wrong in life and in business, and we take these things very seriously because we genuinely aspire to be a brand that people LOVE.

But when we receive messages from people telling us that our mattresses have helped them sleep properly for the first time in a decade, these things can be extremely moving, particularly if their sleep problems have stemmed from ill-health…

Suddenly you’re not working for a company that sells “big boring white slabs of material” anymore, you’re bit-by-bit having a small impact in helping to make people’s lives better.

Below are just a few of our favourites, gathered from around the world and the web…

“Best night’s sleep I’ve had in months + months + months +…” (well, you get the picture)

Yes, you can even find Dormeo mattresses in luxury castle accommodation!

torrisdale comfiest bed

People’s first Impressions of the Dormeo Octaspring Mattress are pretty remarkable

Jess would even kiss her Dormeo if it were a person!

Dormeo if you were a person I would kiss you on both cheeks

It eases muscular pain and back pain so much, that you won’t want to get out out of bed

Sleep longer, sleep better…

I love my octaspring

Allow Dormeo mattresses to exceed your expectations…


If you want to find out more about our range of innovative mattresses, specially curated to offer something for every body, every bedroom and every budget, please visit the Dormeo webstore.




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