Apple Pie Bed

How To Make An Apple-Pie Bed

Apple Pie Bed

Celebrating British Pie Week we were reminded of a tremendous childhood prank… The Apple-Pie Bed!

We’d love to know if kids are still getting up to this sort of nonsense. Somehow, even if I were to be the victim, I would be delighted if they were.  It was indeed my own mother who taught me all about the Apple Pie Bed when I was about 7 years old.  And, of course, she was my first victim! (Note to self… must pull that prank again on the old girl!)

So what is it?

Also known as a “short-sheeted bed”. You’ll need a bed, a mattress, a bottom sheet, a top sheet and a blanket or duvet.  The sheet is basically folded halfway down the bed.  Your victim climbs into bed, prepares to stretch out their legs and gets a fright when their progress is stopped short by back-folded sheet.

How to make an Apple-Pie Bed

  1. Put the bottom sheet on as normal.
  2. Put the upper sheet on, so that it hangs down on both sides, and is tucked in at the head end and folded with nice hospital corners.
  3. Now, fold it back on itself halfway down the bed.
  4. make the rest of the bed by putting on the full-size duvet or blanket, pillows, throws, and so on, as normal.
  5. Stand back, admire your work, and howl “BWAAAHHAHAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA!” like the best arch-baddie you can ever be.
  6. Be on your guard for reprisals!

Do kids still do these pranks? What was your favourite prank as a kid?


  • Jeremy Child
    Posted at 19:49h, 27 May Reply

    I am one of these strange people that still like sheets and blankets.

    My Secretary arranged an apple pie bed for me recently when on business trip but it was the bottom sheet that was actually folded over on itself with the fitted sheet hidden in between blankets along with dried rice.
    The girls were determined I`d have to strip and remak whole bed when tired. Laugh about joke year later as it raised monies for Mental Health Charity I work for. Great joke to catch someone out with and harmless too. So if you try it out do job properly be my advice?

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