HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARES! BUT What are the meanings of dreams?

It’s dark outside and the wind is howling at your front door, the rain is hammering against the windows. The doorbell rings. You slowly creep to the front door, not knowing what terrors could be lurking outside. Opening the door slowly, you are presented with the most foul-looking demon, a pointy hat-wearing witch with broom, and an Egyptian mummy wrapped in toilet roll bandages. The shriek of “TRICK OR TREAT!” sends a shiver rippling through your body with horror: you forgot to buy sweets!

We have all faced this nightmare at one point. Similarly, we all have had nightmares or strange dreams during our sleep at one point in our lives. Dreaming happens at a very specific stage in the falling asleep process. Although research is continuing and though experts don’t know the exact reason why we have dreams or nightmares, but the meaning of dreams is something we think we have a good idea about.

Dreams about being chased

If you are being chased, it suggests that you are running away from your problems. Can you turn around and look at who is chasing you? Is it someone you recognise, or is it something far more terrifying? Dr Timothy J. Legg PhD for Healthline.com has some further information about the meaning of these dreams.

Falling dreams

Dreaming about falling could be an indication of underlying anxiety or a lack of control in everyday life. But it’s the way you fall that is the important part  – if it’s a gentler type of fall it could simply mean a gradual process of letting go, for example.

Dreams about losing your teeth

This a very common dream. Many dream scientists believe this is anxiety about the lack of power, communication and one’s basic appearance being firmly connected to teeth. However, on Halloween, make sure you brush your teeth after eating all those sweets…or your teeth might fall out for real!

Dreaming of being naked

Oddly enough. this can be based in both positive and negative subconscious thoughts. The lack of clothing could symbolise that you are fearful of being judged by people. In other words, it could indicate a vulnerability or the fear of being exposed and being criticised by others. Another interpretation of dreaming of nudity in front of an audience is that you feel confident and open to express yourself in front of others.

Drawing Dreams 

The meaning of dreams about drawing can symbolise hope. You may have given up on a hobby or a career in life because you thought you would never achieve great things and are destined for failure. Your subconscious mind may be telling you that you still have raw passion for this activity. Additionally, your subconscious is telling you not to give up and that you should continue fighting and working hard to achieve your dreams.

Missing an important appointment or deadline 

Missing a deadline could suggest, for example, that you feel deep regret about a missed opportunity in life. It could also indicate how you want to progress in your career. Ask youself; “Am I putting off doing something important due to a lack of confidence?”

Dreaming your house is on fire

If your house is burning in your dream, this can symbolise you are burnt out and that you need time to relax and take some time for yourself. Similarly, it could indicate that your personal life is in disarray, and that your wellbeing and mental health is in danger. Additionally, this dream can be more common in women, particularly with high levels of stress in personal and working life.

Being trapped in your dreams

This dream means that you feel trapped physically or emotionally, and the mind is exploring ways to escape. You may not know how to escape the situation and, in short, your subconscious is finding ways to withdraw.

Sustaining an injury

Are you pulling out a knife from your chest as a man in a mask stands over you? We really hope not! Being injured in your dreams indicates a feeling of being emotionally hurt by loved ones, friends, or the fear that they may let you down. This is not good and something you should explore while awake, but it’s better than being a notch on Jason’s machete.

To sum up, being kept awake at night can be an ongoing issue. The meaning of your dreams can be subconscious messages from your brain that something is wrong. Good sleep has many elements, and while problems in your life are a factor, a comfortable place to sleep makes all the difference. Dormeo has a large range of mattress to suit all needs and budgets. After that, if you ever wake up in the middle of the night after a bad dream, we are sure you can fall quickly back to sleep in the comfort of a Dormeo mattress.

No more nightmare sleeps, no more horror stories about bad backs and aching joints. Nothing but smooth sleeping until the next nightmare part of the year…Christmas!

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