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We all know that good sleep is vital to a good life – something that Dormeo passionately advocates. We make a mattress to suit Every Body, Every Bedroom and Every Budget and truly believe that everyone should sleep on the best mattress they can afford. Your bed is your sanctuary. The place you escape to, to refresh, renew and to dream. The more comfortable you are, the more completely you will recharge ready to face the world.

If you have experienced aches and pains in your joints after sleeping on a traditionally sprung mattress, or sleep hot and find memory foam mattresses just make this worse, our revolutionary Octaspring® range is for you.

What is an Octaspring®?

Designer Willy Poppe has dedicated his life to the field of sleep. He set out to create the world’s most comfortable mattress without compromising quality or support. He said:

“Using revolutionary Octaspring® Technology, we finally developed a unique 3-dimensional spring which can move independently and in unison, supporting the body like no other product. The 8-sided honeycomb design is the key to giving the comfort, support and ventilation I had been searching for all those years.”

In fact, the Octaspring® springs works in exactly the opposite way to traditional metal springs. Whereas sprung mattresses push up, resisting the force that is applied to them, Octaspring® springs accept the force, perfectly cradling your body.

The Octaspring® technology also addresses the number one complaint about non-sprung mattresses. Without ventilation, memory foam can become hot and humid – disturbing your sleep but also ultimately leading to mattresses becoming discoloured, losing support and becoming an ideal environment for a variety of micro-organisms that are a major cause of allergies.

The unique Octaspring® ventilation system provides a constant airflow. The springs act as mini bellows pushing out warm humid air and drawing back in cool fresh air; it’s like the mattress actually breathes, providing healthy sleep every single night. In fact, independent laboratory tests have confirmed that Octaspring® mattresses are 8 times more breathable than the leading memory foam brand in the UK. In other words, Octaspring® mattresses combine all the advantages of both sprung and memory foam technologies without any of the drawbacks.


If these mattresses are revolutionary, aren’t they expensive?

The Octaspring® range is our luxury range of mattresses. It is true that these mattresses are a real investment in the quality of your sleep. They can be found in some retailers for as little as £799 for a double but if you’re not quite ready to replace your current mattress, then there is another answer…

Introducing the Octaspring® Topper

You can now experience all the advantages of the Octaspring® technology at a fraction of the price with our Octaspring® Toppers. This is the ideal solution; comfortable, breathable and fantastic value or your money back…

What is a Mattress Topper?

What is a topper


A mattress topper is essentially an extension of your mattress. Usually only a few inches thick, you place it on top of your existing mattress to provide you with extra comfort and support. They can revive an old mattress, helping to ensure you get good quality sleep, every night.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our 5* star rated  Octaspring® Body Zone Topper with unique five zone body support to ensure you receive the right support, right where you need it whilst you’re asleep. This fantastic value topper is a medium feel and comes with a removable, Italian designed, washable mattress cover.

Dormeo Octaspring_topper


Our  Octaspring® Classic Mattress Topper utilises all the same benefits of Octaspring technology and is a softer option, without the 5 zone support.

Both options currently come with free delivery, a free pillow, our 5 year limited warranty and a 60 night trial. If you aren’t getting the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced, just return it to us within 60 nights of purchase and we’ll refund your full purchase price.

It’s easy for us at Dormeo to recommend our products because we all use them and enjoy the benefits. If you have any questions or queries, we are on hand any time to answer them, free, on 0800 625 0134.

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