A Pain in the Neck – Duo Feel for Duo Comfort

Do you ever wake up with slightly achy hips or pain in your shoulders, neck or back? You may well know the reason for it, or suspect you do, but it’s worth considering whether it could simply be the result of a poor sleeping posture.

In order to sleep well, we need to be reasonably comfortable at the point we fall asleep. But it’s not quite as simple as that. Being comfortable does not necessarily mean our bodies are correctly supported and aligned – as anyone who has ever fallen asleep upright in a car will undoubtedly know. The pain in the neck when we wake from sleeping in such a position is our body’s way of pointing out that our sleep position could have been better.

Achieving the correct alignment is incredibly important for a number of reasons. By causing or worsening back or joint pain, poor alignment affects the quality of our sleep, which in turn impacts both our physical and psychological health. When our body is supported properly in the key areas shown in the picture below, our lungs are able to hold more oxygen which promotes relaxation and is vital to good quality sleep. In contrast, a reduction in oxygen intake increases the production of adrenaline and the stress hormone, cortisol which can have quite the opposite effect.

Spine alignment

Most of us have a mattress preference and can say whether we prefer a firmer or softer feel. What happens then, when our preference is at odds with our partner?

Introducing the Dormeo Duo Feel

Dormeo has devised a unique solution.

The Dormeo Duo Feel mattress features a double sided core that puts you and your partner in control of your individual comfort and support level. The soft cover simply unzips, allowing you to select the side of the mattress which suits you best. If you prefer a softer feel, but your partner prefers a firmer feel, the core can be split and rotated in any order to ensure that both you and your partner have a customised mattress that suits you both, perfectly.

Inside the Duo Feel

The white section of the core shown in the picture provides firmer comfort, whilst the yellow is softer. We’ve also stitched an extra 2cm of quality memory foam into the cover to give you additional customisation options. Simply rotate the cover to sleep on the additional memory foam, or rotate it to sleep without it. The choice and combination is entirely up to you.

At Dormeo, we completely understand the need to achieve that perfect sleeping alignment and support. We’ve therefore ensured that the Duo Feel core features three distinct body zones to properly support and align your shoulders, torso and legs, allowing perfect weight distribution, reducing pressure points and offering optimal spine alignment in any sleeping position.

Did you read our earlier post on the antibacterial and antibiotic properties of silver? The Duo Feel has a removable, Florentine stitched Climalite Silver cover. Used in professional sports clothing, Climalite fibres wick away moisture for a cooler, fresher sleeping environment whilst the silver coating provides the ultimate in hypoallergenic protection from allergens, bacteria and dust mites. The cover is washable at 60 degrees for increased hygiene, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. It also has 4 built in handles, making moving and flipping the mattress easy.

The Duo Feel mattress is available in a Single, Double, King and Super King size and comes with our 15 year warranty, as well as our 60 night Comfort Guarantee.

If you have any questions or queries, we are on hand any time to answer them, free, on 0800 625 0134.

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