Power Naps: The Productivity Trick You Missed

How often have you felt overcome with tiredness after lunch? The 3pm Slump isn’t a myth; it’s something that often affects those suffering from sleep debt. If you aren’t getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night, you are likely to feel the effects of it. It’s the reason workers in Japan, the Silicon Valley, and elsewhere combat it with the often overlooked power nap.

Power naps increase concentration, creativity and decision making skills, when you need it most. When the day is drawing to a close and attention starts to slip, a short nap can make a dramatic impact on performance. Companies around the world have made it part of the policy to provide nap time for their staff, helping them to reap these benefits. What’s best? The optimal ones last between just 20 and 30 minutes, and are able to keep your brain in-tune for the rest of the working day.

Still need to be convinced about how helpful power naps can be? Our video explains it all in detail. Find out when the best time to nap is, how long is too long to nap, and it also reveals an unexpected benefit of drinking coffee before you get 40 winks:

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