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The Dormeo Memory Deluxe Mattress Reviewed

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We were delighted to receive this smashing review about our Dormeo Memory Deluxe Mattress from the brilliant blogger Stacey Sheppard, over at The Design Sheppard blog.

We won’t cut and paste the whole article here, as you can find her full review easily enough here, but we did think it might be nice to share some of her thoughts about the mattress with you here on the Dormeo blog…

dormeo memory deluxe

Stacey was trying out the Dormeo Memory Deluxe Mattress (pictured above) and she confessed that, like many people, mattresses were just something that she’d never thought all that much about in the past, saying she used to take sleep for granted, right up to the point when she became pregnant, when sleeping and comfort started to really take on more significance, and gain a whole new importance in her life. Understandably so.

With her new baby, Stacey admits she is getting no more than three consecutive hours of sleep at a time, but the sleep she does get has been markedly improved in terms of quality of sleep, and that she feels massively more rejuvenated and revived as a result. 

About the Dormeo Memory Deluxe

dormeo memory deluxeThis is a new addition to our range of memory foam mattresses. We’ve taken our global best-seller, the Dormeo Memory Mattress and made it deeper, plusher and more luxurious.

The 4cm of memory foam in the top layer of the Dormeo Memory Deluxe makes such a difference to the comfort of the mattress, and made Stacey question whether in fact there had been any memory foam at all in her previous mattress.

What Stacey says:

“Within seconds our bodies had been enveloped in the mattress like it was giving us a calming and comforting hug.

The surface of the mattress moulded to cradle our bodies in the most supportive way and we felt like we were lying on a cloud.

What’s also great is that the memory foam is strong enough to provide support for the heavier areas of the body while retaining perfect memory.”

Read the complete review over at The Design Sheppard.

This is what the Deluxe is made up of:


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