Sleep is Beautiful With an Octaspring Mattress

The sun is finally beginning to shine, and our thoughts are beginning to turn to summer. This is the most common season for us to detox and have a good old Spring Clean; it’s a great time to look at making some healthy lifestyle changes.

We all know that good sleep is vital to a good life – something that Dormeo passionately advocates. We make a mattress to suit every body and every budget and truly believe that everyone should sleep on the best mattress they can afford. Your bed is your sanctuary. The place you escape to, to refresh, renew and to dream. The more comfortable you are, the more completely you will recharge ready to face the world anew.

Here are 8 reasons we believe you should try a luxury Octaspring mattress.


If you have experienced aches and pains in your joints after sleeping on a traditionally sprung mattress, or sleep hot and find memory foam mattresses just make this worse, the Octaspring range is for you.

Designer Willy Poppe has dedicated his life to the field of sleep. He set out to create the world’s most comfortable mattress without compromising quality, support or the environment.

“I knew there had to be a better spring. Using revolutionary Octaspring Technology, we finally developed a unique 3-dimensional spring which can move independently and in unison, supporting the body like no other product. The 8-sided honeycomb design is the key to giving the comfort, support and ventilation I had been searching for all those years.” Willy Poppe – Octaspring inventor.

The Octaspring combines all the advantages of both technologies without any of the drawbacks.



Whereas sprung mattresses push up, resisting the force that is applied to them, Octasprings accept the force, perfectly cradling your body. Independent springs also mean no transfer of motion from one person to another.

There are seven types of Octaspring which are produced in different densities or firmness levels. These springs are then arranged in zones to create the perfect levels of comfort and support for your whole body.


Without ventilation, memory foam can become hot and humid – disturbing your sleep but also ultimately leading to mattresses becoming discoloured, losing support and becoming an ideal environment for a variety of micro-organisms that are a major cause of allergies.

The unique Octaspring ventilation system provides a constant airflow. As you move on the mattress, stale, humid air is forced out through the specially designed mesh mattress sides and fresh air is drawn back in, providing healthy sleep every single night.


Metal springs and traditional memory foam deteriorate over time. Octaspring’s innovative design maintains its resilience and compression ensuring long lasting comfort and support. Octaspring mattresses are stringently tested in independent laboratories to deliver a mattress that will continue to perform for decades.

A Product For Everyone

We now offer eight Octaspring mattress with varying depths, levels of firmness, layers of Octasprings and support zones – there really is a combination to suit everyone.

If you’re not quite ready for a new mattress, why not transform your existing bed and get the unique Octaspring experience with one of our Octaspring toppers for a fraction of the cost?

All models are available in Single, Double, King and Super-king size and we also offer a 12 months interest free credit option with 0% APR representative.

By using the same principle we use to create comfort zones in our mattresses, we have also developed a range of Octaspring pillows which use a firm pillow spring to support under the neck and soft, breathable memory foam pillow springs for the head to provide the perfect sleeping posture.

Octaspring promotion

60 Night risk-free trial

We want you to have every possible chance to have the best night’s sleep – that’s why we offer you a 60 night risk-free trial. The only true test of whether a mattress is right for you, is sleeping on it night after night in your own home, and this is what we offer. No quibbles. No fuss.

20 Year Warranty

Octaspring mattresses are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards. The stringent tests we have carried out ensure that we can offer a 20 year limited warranty on every Octaspring mattress.

Eco Promise

The innovative design and technology of Octaspring® is consistent with the 21st century’s demands for a responsible approach towards the environment and its natural resources.

We set an eco-objective for the production process of Octaspring mattresses to achieve a reduction in our eco footprint and achieved it both in manufacturing processes and by using environmentally friendly materials which are all suitable for recycling.

It’s easy for us at Dormeo to recommend our products because we all use them and enjoy the benefits. If you have any questions or queries, we are on hand any time to answer them, free, on 0800 625 0134.

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