How Can A Dormeo Mattress Help Back Pain?

How Can A Dormeo Mattress Help Back Pain?

dormeo octaspring back painIn this article we look at how Dormeo's innovative Octaspring mattress helps back pain sufferers.

Dormeo Octaspring Back SupportWe can't promise miracles, but every now and then we get messages from people saying that our mattresses - particularly Octaspring - have delivered almost exactly that.

Some people have had such difficulty sleeping in the past, that they never believed a mattress could help relieve their back pain and deliver 8 hours of great sleep. 

In this post we'll focus on some of the incredible things that people have said to us about the difference Dormeo's memory foam mattresses have made to their aches and pains. 

One of the first pointers we received that we may be onto something special with our remarkable Octaspring technology came to us on Facebook from Bo Biernat in Canada:

"One of the best investments I ever made. We (previously) had a ******, 4 years old and thought we'd spoil ourselves. We've looked at all the memory foam brands, including T****** and came across the Octaspring. Ended up buying the "8500" model and loving every night. But the getting up in the morning is the best.

Firstly you don't want to get out of bed because it's so comfortable but when you do, your (what you think) normal discomforts (back, neck, shoulder,etc) are not there. This was not a cheap adventure, but worth every dollar."

Osteoporosis suffer Mhairi, in the South of England, used to wake up in terrible pain, but this has since subsided after using Octaspring. The was kind enough to record this video for us: Kathy Manguito from Ontario wrote to us on Facebook to tell us in Jan 2013:

"Just got my mattress on Saturday . I absolutely love it! My body just melts into it, and my back pain has subsided. Next purchase will be the pillow. Thanks for such a great product."

Heather Mitchell wrote to us in Feb 2013:

"Just purchased bed Octaspring 8500 and slept on it for one week now and all I can say is pure heaven!!! No more neck and shoulder pain from an old injury.....this bed has given me back a peaceful deep sleep. Yes, the mattress is expensive but sooo worth it. You will not regret it!"

Theresa Coates, from the UK wrote to us to tell us "It's the best purchase I have ever made. I am now pain free at night" Dormeo Octaspring Back Pain FreeIan Shepherd in the UK:

"After a 3 night settling in period, I call it that the mattress is totally different from a traditional mattress, I have to say my wife and I absolutely subscribe to this mattress. It is the most comfortable mattress ever. It really is just a whole new level of experience. No aches, no pain, and slumber like never before... Even our 12 year old Bearded collie who is on medication for back and joint problems has taken to sleeping on it... He never did on the other mattresses... What an endorsement, I know, not much coming from an aged dog, but I've noticed even his energy levels have increased too.. So a huge thumbs up from me, from my wife and our best friend Charlie dog.. !!! : )"

Julian, USA: 

"I've had chronic lower back and shoulder pain... and I can say that it's gone away. Now I don't know if I can attribute that to the mattress but when I do sleep on the mattress if feels like it conforms to the body better and I think that that was part of the problem. It's not just back pain that Octaspring can help, it can help tennis elbow and lead to better cuddles! [caption id="attachment_409" align="alignright" width="300"] Dormeo Memory Foam Springs Dormeo's Memory Foam Springs[/caption]

So why is Dormeo Octaspring different from a normal memory foam mattress?

The difference comes in our ability to mix the soothing, accepting comfort of memory foam with the traditional bounce and support of springs. But Octaspring's mattress springs are not made of metal, they're made of different densities (strengths) of foam springs - these are in fact called Octasprings. The different springs allow us to configure our mattresses to offer the right amount of support where the body needs it most. Bringing support particularly to your lower back and shoulders. The Fusion Sleep Centre in Atlanta Georgia, USA is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Dr. David Pitts, MD, d.ABIM, a Sleep Medicine Physician has put Octaspring mattresses in his clinic. See what he has to say about Octaspring and its benefits: Of course, everyone has a different body and individual circumstances are all quite different, and we can't claim to cure everyone's ailments. But for those it doesn't work for we've created a really good "60 Night Comfort Guarantee", meaning that if you don't agree it's the most comfortable mattress you've ever slept on, you can just send it back to us and we'll refund you the full cost of the mattress. All you'd have to pay would be the courier costs (typically around £15-£30). And you'd get to keep the free pillow that comes with every mattress!

Learn more about our premium Octaspring range of memory foam spring mattresses.



  • Hello, I generally have a problem of lower back pain. I thought sleeping on the floor would reduce it, but it never helped. While searching measures to cure lower back pain, I found your article. It was really helpful. I could realize that one of the reasons for my back pain would be usage of wrong mattress. I have bought this new mattress and fortunately my back problem has reduced to level that I can move around and sleep relaxed at night. Thank you for the help! Thank you Janna Jamieson
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