Star Wars and Sleep

Star Wars and Sleep

May the 4th be with you.

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there was The Star Wars Saga; a film franchise that spawned games, toys, lunchboxes, bedclothes, sequels, prequels, “side-quels” and more poor imitations than you can count.

The fanbase is probably the biggest and most loyal there could be in the world of cinema - there are countless webpages and fan-made books about the background of even the smallest characters.

Does anyone sleep in Star Wars?

With all the depth of lore and the amount of content contained within the phenomenon that is Star Wars… …have you ever seen anyone sleep?

After blowing up the Death Star, rescuing Han from Jabba’s lair or (spoilers!) duelling against your father Lord Vader, did anyone feel even a little bit tired? Surely someone would feel exhausted. But we never see anyone getting a proper sleep.

If the characters from the films needed to get a good night’s sleep, the sleep experts at Dormeo have some recommendations for them

Princess Leia

We do see her resting after being captured by The Empire, but laying on a hard bench in a detention area. That’s not comfortable for anyone but as she is a Princess, she would likely to want a soft luxury mattress that was inexpensive to keep her one with the people of the rebellion she leads. We would recommend the Octasmart Hybrid Mattress. With an extra deep layer memory foam that supports the body while also being soft and luxurious, this is the perfect bed for a busy leader.

Han Solo

Everyone’s favourite rogue has to keep on the move to elude bounty hunters, such as Boba Fett, and to complete his smuggling contracts on time. Han would need something light and comfortable, that can be easily rolled out and put away, and doesn’t eat into his profits as a smuggler. A memory foam topper is probably his best choice. Dormeo’s Memory Foam Mattress Toppers can refresh an old mattress or enhance a new one, but a topper can also be rolled out to make a quick place to sleep, ideal for when you have unexpected guests or are short on space.

Jabba the Hutt

The crime boss whose name is famous (and feared) throughout the galaxy. Jabba the Hutt is known for his ruthlessness to those who oppose or displease him, dropping them into his pet Rancor’s pit or the Sarlacc being his favourite ways as punishment. As he would be used to only the best, we would recommend the top-of-the-range Octaspring 9500 Latex Memory foam mattress to him as it’s the deepest, most luxurious mattress Dormeo can offer. 3 Octaspring memory foam spring layers with each layer being arranged into support zones for perfect support across the whole body, this is the last word in night time comfort.

If you are Rebellion or Empire, Han or Luke, X-Wing or Millennium Falcon: we all need a good night’s sleep and Dormeo has a selection of mattresses and toppers to suit all.


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