Duvet days: Why they matter and how you can enjoy yours

Duvet days: Why they matter and how you can enjoy yours

When someone talks about 'having a duvet day' most people will have some idea what they're talking about: a whole day spent under the covers or on the sofa cocooned in your favourite blanket. Sounds like heaven, right? But, what you may not have realised is that duvet days are actually a perk offered by some firms for their staff. Far more than an excuse to be lazy, a duvet day is a concept aimed at helping employees preserve a sense of wellbeing, where they can call in at short notice and take the day off, no questions asked and without it being recorded as sick leave. With the winter weather well and truly here, colds and flus doing the rounds, and quite a bit of festive partying to come, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at why duvet days are important and how you can get the best out of yours. Read on to find out more.

Why are duvet days important?

Since the late 90s, the idea of offering duvet days as job perk has gained popularity among progressive companies. The theory is that workers will feel like they are being well-treated and won't need to tell any tall tales if they need a day off to rest and recuperate. When there's a new level of trust and honesty between the firm and its employees, it's thought that the number of sick days tends to drop. In addition, staff who are able to take a day or so for breathing space are less likely to suffer from stress or feel burnt out by their jobs. We've previously looked at why sleep is vital for mental health, so it's easy to see why more workplaces are offering duvet days. Overall, duvet days are widely seen as a nice job perk that can attract the most talented workers and help to build a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

How to have the very best duvet day

Now that we've looked at some of the many benefits that duvet days can offer, it's time we talked about what you should do with yours. We've come up with our top five tips below, so be sure to put them into action the next time you find yourself reaching for the phone.

Make the most of dressing down

duvet-days-drink-in-bed Taking a duvet day is all about leaving your smart office clothes in the wardrobe, so be sure to make the most of dressing down for the occasion. There is research (such as this 2012 study by Northwestern University) that suggests the clothes you choose affect your mood and health, so by deliberately dressing for a relaxing time, you're more likely to have a truly chilled out day. Warm pyjamas, slouchy hoodies, and your fluffiest bathrobe are just what the doctor ordered here, so forget about suits, ties, skirts, and high heels for the day and relax in your comfiest clothing.

Have a much-needed lie in

When you're working hard all of the time, sometimes you just need that extra sleep in the morning to get caught up on your rest. Having a lie in on a duvet day is a great idea, especially if you're able to arrange the time off slightly in advance. This way, you can simply turn your regular alarm off and allow yourself to wake up naturally in the morning. However, while a long lie in is worth it once in a while, be careful not to make a habit of it. Oversleeping can be a symptom of depression, and can contribute to issues like diabetes, obesity, and headaches, according to Boots WebMD, so it's worth keeping an eye on it if you always feel the need to stay in bed.

Kit out your bedroom in advance

If you are planning to take a nice relaxing day home from work soon, it's definitely worth kitting out your bedroom in advance. Not only will you want the finest duvet to snuggle up with, but a quality mattress will allow you to get a great night's rest beforehand. These investments will also benefit you in the long run, as you will be able to enjoy more comfortable sleep beyond your duvet day. Take a look at our range of memory foam mattresses at Dormeo, where you will find a variety of different products to suit your needs. We also have a great selection of luxury duvets and pillows that will make the very best companions for your relaxing day off.

Entertain yourself with your favourite things

duvet-days-reading-bed For your duvet day, you should try to indulge in some of your favourite things to make your time off as personal and comforting as possible. If you have a favourite TV show to catch-up on or a film you love to watch over and over again, take the time to snuggle up and enjoy a few hours of screen time. Do you like to read? Then grab the book you're currently engrossed in or delve into a new one from the comfort of your sofa. When you fill the day with what you love most, you'll feel like you've gotten the most out of your time off. Duvet days are a wonderful thing and it's important that you make the most of them. Follow our advice and you will be sure to have the very best time of it. Got any questions or would like help creating the perfect haven for sleep? Then get in touch with our team now. Our blog and advice centre are also great places to get extra information.

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