Dormeo Halloween Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips For Halloween

Dormeo Halloween Sleep TipsOther than birthdays and Christmas the two great highlights in any kid’s calendar are probably Halloween and Bonfire Night.

We’ll look at Bonfire Night another time, but the great excitement of Halloween, and the inevitable sugar rush (and come-down) it brings can lead to some over-tired and over-stimulated kiddies once all the fun of the party is over. So how can we manage bedtime and make it as seamless as possible?

Here are a few little sleep tips for Halloween which should help make the post-party bedtime routine a little less like a horror film.

1. Try to set a sweetie limit. When your child comes home from guising with a bag full of sugary booty the temptation is always to allow them dive right in. But try to manage expectations, perhaps setting a limit. It might be helpful to gently explain how nice it would be to keep some sweeties for the rest of the week.

2. Plan a quick and easy dinner. You want to get them into costume and out the door early don’t you, with minimal fuss, so try to plan ahead and have a quick meal ready. Then you can concentrate on the fun part of helping them with their costumes.

3. Aim for a daytime nap. If there’s any possible way of making this happen, it’s a really good idea. This is such an exciting time for the little ones, they’re all dressed up, they’re partying with their friends and there’s bound to be a sugar rush, so if they get over-tired post-trick or treating, then you could be in for a VERY tricky time come bedtime.

4. Manage bedtimes sensibly. Many experts recommend, on an exciting night like this, planning for a slightly later bedtime. Try to allow an extra 30 minutes, and do your best to stick to it. Of course it will be hard to get them to bed because they’re still excited, so reinforce that they’re being allowed to stay up late as an extra treat. Remember, if there’s a sleep hangover it can impact badly on school the next day and last up to 3 or 4 days before the sleep is fully regained.

5. Do your research. Before attending an event, do make sure you’re not taking your very little one to something which is really intended for more grown-up kids.

6. Take some candy from the baby. Don’t be ashamed of half-inching a few choice items, particularly if the goodie-haul is a bumper one. It’s not good for your child to have too much after all. And you deserve it too, remember! 🙂

7. Soothe before bedtime. You may need to pull all your special calming tricks out of the bag here. A warm soothing bath, the most comforting of stories, the favourite teddy, and some warm milk will all come in handy as you attempt to bring your child down from the high of the party and the sugar. Also, do consider some of the scarier things your child may have seen during the day. It might be a wise idea to soothe them and talk about it to remove any anxieties or fears they may be carrying with them to bed.

8. Enjoy it! It’s a lovely time isn’t it and takes you right back to your own childhood. Don’t forget to grab a handful of goodies for yourself! Just for old times’ sake of course…





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