The Sun Meets Our Comfort Expert to talk about sleeping on the job

Our very own comfort expert, Ieva Baradouska, has been featured by The Sun Online in a article headlined:

DREAM JOB? Woman makes £75k a year by testing out mattresses for a living – and gets to sleep at work

Ieva was interviewed by The Sun’s Digital Consumer Reporter, Zlata Rodionova, after finding out how she makes a living as Dormeo UK’s in-house comfort expert, ensuring Dormeo mattresses provide the comfort needed for a great night’s sleep and helping thousands of our customers sleep easy.

Lucky Ieva gets to sleep for 30 minutes at work each day

The piece covers such areas as what it takes to become a comfort expert and bed tester, the importance of getting the most comfort from your mattress, how comfort testing is like wine tasting, as well as the skills Ieva has developed during her 13 years at Dormeo.

Read the full article on The Sun’s website here.

If you would like to feel the results of Ieva’s expertise, check out our range of memory foam mattresses.

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