Tip Top Valentines Day Tips

Top Tips For A Romantic Valentines Day

Tip Top Valentines Day Tips

With Valentines Day upon us again, this year falling on a Saturday, it’s a ripe time for thinking about relaxation, pampering, and of course L.O.V.E. We’ve been doing some research to find some of the best Valentines Day tips for things you and your partner can do, and which won’t necessarily break the bank.

1. Team building exercise ’99

Maybe treating your partner to some new bedtime clothing would be a nice thing to do? Did you ever see the Flight of the Concords’ Barry White take-off, “Business Time”? Well, in it they reference that old t-shirt you wear to bed. Think about sprucing up how you look to your partner. Get some nice new sleepy things to wear in bed.

2. Unleash your inner bard

How about doing something different in the evening? It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, and even when out for a special date we can easily lapse into talking about practical matters like work, house plans and so on. Why not recapture the surprise and delight of when you first met. Write poetry, taking it turns to write each line. Even just start it as a bit of fun and then starting to dropping a few nice things about your other half is a lovely way to make each other laugh, relax and compliment each other.

3. Chocolate.

Ok, so it’s naughty, and not many chaps these days get big votes of thanks for buying chocolate. BUT it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s a treat day, so go on. Do it! Share it between you, so that you’re both being naughty together (and who knows where that might lead!) Aim for dark chocolate though, because it contains serotonin, which is a relaxant to the body and mind, and avoid milk chocolate because it contains the stimulant dopamine which can disturb sleep.

4. Write a “Room Fluffy” memory book

Remember years ago on Room 101 when Stephen Fry was on it and decided to send Room 101 to Room 101? His point being he was fed of the constant focus in the world on the nasty things, so proposed a “Room Fluffy” which is where all the best things go. So why not create your own? Open a bottle of wine, and go back through your time together, take it in turns to list all the best memories. Draw them too, because regardless of your artistic skills, it really injects some fun into the proceedings! And it’s a lovely thing to revisit every year or so.

5. Go for a drink

But do it differently. Upgrade yourselves, go somewhere special that you wouldn’t normally and take the time to dress up for it. It’s a hot date with the love of your life after all! Most importantly go separately and meet each other there. This will conjure up the romantic excitement of dates from the past.

6. Stay in bed all day

Take the day off, get set up the night before for breakfast in bed. Get some movies sorted, revisit the aforementioned Room Fluffy, make exciting plans for the future and prepare for a John and Yoko style love-in! Order-in for dinner. Obviously.

7. Make each other a Valentines card

Create something for your “memory box” with both of you each agreeing to make a card for each other. Dust off the old double-sided sticky tape, the glue, the glitter and whatever else you need and pour your love into a wonderful creation. The time and effort spent will be appreciated and the finished card will, if not winning any artistic prizes, give you and your partner a splendid laugh at each others’ amateur sub-Blue Peter efforts!

8. Recreate your first date

Who can forget the heart a-fluttering, the will-they-won’t-they- turn up, what shall I wear? I can remember what I was wearing, can you? Try as best you can to recreate that evening. The whole process of doing so will reignite all sorts of happy memories you can share, and cause you to reflect and celebrate all that has happened since then.

9. Go away.

No, not like that. Not the “go away from your partner” go away!  I mean take a cheeky night away somewhere. It doesn’t have to be far away or international, although with Valentines Day this year falling on a Sunday it is possible to be a bit further afield. The turn of midnight in Paris sounds pretty romantic doesn’t it! But even a romantic night in a hotel near where you live will feel like a really special pampering experience.

10. treat yourselves to some better bedding.

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself in the nicest things in your bed. A good mattress, and some natural-fibre rich bedding will really make both of you feel special, not just at the end of your Valentines Day, but for years after. And when the chocolates and champagne are all gone, you’ll still have your bedding to share!

And remember, don’t just love your partner…


Happy Valentines Day & Night


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