Memory Foam Mattresses

Get a great night's sleep on a quality memory foam mattress from Dormeo. With a wide variety of models and prices starting from just £159, our award-winning visco-elastic technology provides personalised support, so you wake up feeling well-rested and ready to face the day. All Dormeo memory foam mattresses come with free UK delivery – explore the range and discover the best memory foam mattress for you.

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20 Year Warranty On Selected Mattresses
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What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Originally developed by NASA in 1966 and launched globally in the 1980s, memory foam is a viscous and elastic material which reacts to pressure and heat.

Dormeo memory foam mattresses are specially designed to cradle your body while you sleep, ensuring your joints and muscles are properly supported. We also use breathable materials to prevent overheating, helping you to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality sleep night after night.

What Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress?

We also offer a selection of hybrid memory foam mattresses that combine memory foam with other ground-breaking sleep technologies, giving you the best of both worlds. Our luxurious Octaspring mattress models are covered by an incredible 20-year warranty.

Because memory foam adapts to fit the contours of your body, weight is evenly distributed which helps to keep your spine aligned and supports pressure points such as your neck, hips and knees.

We have a memory foam mattress for every body, every bedroom, and every budget, as well as memory foam mattress toppers and pillows. Each mattress in the Dormeo Memory range has a unique Ecocell® core that provides lasting support and allows air to circulate for exceptional temperature control. All of which are covered by a 15-year warranty and 60-night comfort guarantee.

Most of our memory foam mattresses come in single, double, king and super king sizes, but small doubles and European kings are also available. See the comfort grade and depth measurement on each product to find the firmness level that works for you and look out for added features like antibacterial and hypoallergenic protection.

If you’re interested in finding out why a memory foam mattress might be for you, you can read our article on why you might want to try memory foam read our helpful guide Memory Foam Explained for more information about the visco-elastic technology.

Need some expert advice? Speak to our sleep experts anytime on 0800 625 0134 and find your ideal memory mattress today.

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