Layers 2 Year Limited Bed Frame Warranty

Your new Layers bedframe is covered by a 2-year limited Bed Frame warranty.

1. General

1.1 This Guarantee applies to every Layers Bed Frame purchased in the UK only, and not to any other products purchased from Dormeo UK Limited, its authorised retailers, or any other merchant.

1.2 This Guarantee is effective from the date your Bed Frame is delivered and expires 2 years from the date of delivery.

1.3 This Guarantee is for your benefit as the original purchaser only and is not transferable to any other person. If you sell or transfer the Bed Frame, or by any other means relinquish ownership of the Bed Frame, the subsequent owner accepts the product ‘as is’, including all faults, and has no right to claim under this Guarantee.

1.4 This Guarantee is in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights in relation to defective products as set out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and any other relevant consumer protection legislation from time to time in force in the UK.

1.5 Componentry of any Bed Frame other than the fabric covering of the Bed Frame, or the wooden structure on which the Bed Frame is built (including, but not limited to, filling between a fabric cover and the wooden structure of the Bed Frame) is not within the scope of this Guarantee.

1.6. This limited Bed Frame Warranty applies to Defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty.

2. Scope

2.1 Subject to clause 3, you may seek to claim a replacement Bed Frame under this Guarantee.

2.1.1 The Bed Frame’s wooden structure (distinct from any fabric covering or other componentry) exhibits a manufacturing defect within 2 years of the date of delivery, as determined by Dormeo’s independent inspection agent.

2.1.2 Where the Bed Frame exhibits a defect to the fabric covering the frame structure (distinct from any other componentry or the wooden structure), within 2 years of the date of delivery, as determined by Dormeo’s independent inspection agent.

2.2 This limited Bed Frame Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by physical abuse, negligence, improper installation or misuse. With respect to Foundation, the foregoing includes but is not limited to structural or visual damage from using an improper bed frame or placing Foundation on the floor.
  • Normal wear and tear, or as a result of spot cleaning.
  • Damage caused by commercial use, such as in a hotel or store.
  • Damage caused by Acts of God or other natural forces.
  • Replacement of any non-defective pieces of the Bed Frame (for example, if one component of Bed Frame is defective, then we will replace the defective component only).
  • Any Bed Frame sold by resellers who are not authorised retailers of Dormeo Bed Frames.

3. Claims

3.1 Any claim under this Guarantee must be received within 30 days of the date you actually discovered the defect, or the date you ought reasonably to have discovered the defect, whichever is earlier.

3.2 Claims should be made with the original point of purchase of the Bed Frame. For example, replacements for Bed Frames exhibiting manufacturing defects purchased on our website should be claimed directly from us by emailing [email protected]. If this product has been purchased from a 3rd party, then that 3rd party should be the contacted in the first instance.

3.3 Upon seeking to claim under this Guarantee, Dormeo will require that your Bed Frame is inspected in person by our independent inspection agent. Where you decline to facilitate this, we shall be entitled to reject your claim. Our independent inspection agent is the sole arbiter of whether a Bed Frame is faulty and qualifies for a replacement under this Guarantee. The agent’s decision is final and if turned down then a replacement will not be issued.

3.4 If Dormeo’s independent inspection agent decides that you may receive a replacement Bed Frame, the replacement will be delivered to you by our standard delivery method at no cost to you within 30 days of your claim being accepted.

3.5 Dormeo will either collect the faulty Bed Frame upon delivery of the replacement, provided the collection address is in the original country of purchase, or if agreed, arrange for you to return the Bed Frame to us. You may be required to disassemble the Bed Frame to facilitate the collection.

3.6 Dormeo may replace a Bed Frame under this Guarantee a maximum of two times per order/customer. The replaced Bed Frame is subject to the same limited Bed Frame Warranty as the original Bed Frame. Any subsequent claim sought to be made under this Guarantee will, if accepted by Dormeo (in accordance with this clause 3), be honoured by way of a refund rather than another replacement. Dormeo reserves the right to deduct amounts from the value of such refund to account for use made of the product prior to any defect arising, assessed with regard to the time which elapsed between the delivery date of the Bed Frame and the date of the claim. Dormeo is the sole arbiter regarding the amount of any such deduction.

3.7 Where a claim is made under this Guarantee, its duration will be paused until either (i) the claim is rejected by Dormeo’s independent inspection agent or (ii) the claim is accepted by Dormeo’s independent inspection, and a replacement Bed Frame has been delivered by Dormeo. Upon the occurrence of either of the aforementioned events the duration of the Guarantee shall continue to run from the point at which it was paused until it expires in accordance with clause 1.2.

We value your satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional customer service. If you have any questions regarding our warranties or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.