The Coronation of King Charles III

The Coronation of King Charles III

Are we all ready for a (maybe) once in a lifetime event?

The coronation of a royal is a huge moment in the history of a country that is defined by having a royal head of state. The last coronation in the United Kingdom was on June 2, 1953. For just over 70 years, the United Kingdom has had Queen Elizabeth II as our ruler, and during that time there was a lot of innovations to help sleep.

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, 4 out of 5 people alive today don’t know what it’s like to live under a king (me included).

Even though The Royal family has been a symbol of Britain, they are now seen as a bit of an anachronism in the 21st century.

But the British public are always ready to have a day off for a party!

There are going to be street parties and village greens are going to be packed, TVs on in houses across the country, special cakes and crazy people dressed in Union flag-themed clothing or facepaint. (EDIT: that was the idea, but now we are closer to the day, it looks like it’s going to be a washout which, strangely enough was the same as the Queen's coronation)

In the intervening years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the country (and the world) has advanced in many ways, and while it may not be on the top of everyone’s list; sleep is certainly one of the areas where changes have been taking place (for better or worse).

The Introduction of the National Health Service (NHS)

NHS and the Union Flag

Just after the second world war, but before the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (so this is a bit of a cheat), the NHS was introduced. It was the first health system in any Western society to offer free medical care to the entire population.

However, the NHS has since undergone significant changes that have improved access to healthcare services for UK residents.

One of these changes was the introduction of sleep clinics, which specialise in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

Increased Awareness of the Importance of Sleep

man sleeping well

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of sleep for overall health and well-being.

This has led to increased public educations campaigns and initiatives aimed at promoting healthy sleep habits.

There has been the introduction of national sleep days and sleep awareness days for adults and children alike. Campaigns such as Screen Free Week.

Technology and the Rise of 24/7 Culture

man using phone at night in bed

The rise of technology and the 24/7 culture has had a significant impact on sleep patterns in the UK. Some positive and many negative.

Many people now have smartphones, tablets, and other devices that they use late into the night, disrupting their sleep patterns.

There has been a growing awareness of the negative effects of technology on sleep and increased efforts to encourage people to disconnect before bed.

Changing Work Patterns

There have been significant changes in work patterns in the UK (and the world) since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Many people now work irregular hours or shift patterns, which can disrupt sleep. There has been a growing recognition of the importance of flexible working arrangements and policies that support work-life balance.

Overall, while there have been many significant changes in the UK since the last coronation, and some of these changes have come and gone from the minds of the British people, the importance of and it's impact on health and well-being has remained a constant concern.

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