About Octaspring

Octaspring® Technology... Sleep reinvented!

Dormeo® is one of the worlds’ fastest growing sleep brands and is now available in over 40 markets around the world. The aim for Dormeo is for everybody to get a great nights’ sleep, no matter your budget. There is a product in the range that suits all needs from the basics, right up to the award winning patented Octaspring® technology. Octaspring® Springs were first introduced in mattresses, pillows and toppers to provide healthier sleep through increased comfort and better ventilation, today however, the benefits of the Octaspring® technology has been expanded into the aviation, automotive, upholstery and even footwear industries, delivering comfort and breathability as standard, but also unique USP’s to each industry.

Without adequate support or ventilation, any seating or sleeping surface can get hot and uncomfortable, requiring you to move to a more suitable position. In mattresses, this can disturb your sleep, in seats especially on flights or long car trips this can make you fidget and move in an already confined space making for an unpleasant journey. In all cases this can lead to tiredness and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

The unique Octaspring® spring technology not only provides constant airflow – the unique springs act as mini bellows forcing stale humid air out, drawing fresh air back in – but also with is 3-dimensional movement and ability to zone within any area, provides a fresh and healthy surface, with support in all the right areas.

Dormeo Octaspring mattresses are proven to be 8 x more breathable than traditional memory foam mattress technologies. This video demonstrates what that means in real terms for the sleep surface. Watch how quickly the heat disperses from the Octaspring mattress.

One of the great features of the Ocatspring and its design is that there is no transfer of motion from one side of the bed to another. The secret is that the Octaspring can move independently so there isn’t the ripple effect you can get with traditional spring mattresses. This means if you or your partner gets up or moves around the other will continue to sleep soundly

The Sky is no longer the limit

Not only has Octaspring® spring technology reinvented the mattress, but it has also been recognised as a key innovation in the future of the aviation industry. The Octaspring® spring technology received the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award as part of the revolutionary Octaspring® aircraft seat design. The Crystal Cabin Award is held annually to recognize outstanding new aircraft cabin products and concepts. Octaspring® springs ground-breaking, foam-spring design took home the event’s top honours in the highly competitive Material & Components category.

Octaspring Crystal Cabin Award

The Octaspring® technology can take any traditional foam input to produce eight-sided supports with custom firmness in a wide range of sizes. Traditionally the technology has been used to give outstanding comfort and breathability to our Octaspring® range of mattresses, pillows and toppers, but this innovation presents a number of advantages for the aviation industry, including improved comfort, better breathability, and up to a 30% reduction in cushion weight – a key breakthrough that will help operators save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

Octaspring Aircraft Seat Partners

The company behind the Octaspring® aircraft set is Vanema, a team of experts brought together to explore the possibilities of how Octaspring® spring technology could be integrated into aircraft seating. Vanema worked in partnership with Airbus, STELIA AEROSPACE, and Boxmark to manufacture the first Octaspring® aircraft seat prototype for the contest. Solutions are currently in development for economy, business, and first class seating and winning the Crystal Cabin Award represents a significant step in bringing the benefits of the Octaspring to air travel and beyond.

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