Octasmart Essentials Mattress Topper

Comfort: Multi
Depth: 5cm
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Give your comfort a boost with OctacellTM Sleep Technology, the next generation of sleep innovations.

8x breathable

8 x more breathable:

The unique ventilation of Octasprings is more breathable than pure memory foam, the constant airflow always keeps the mattress cool.

No transfer of movement

No transfer of movement:

Rest undisturbed. Memory foam greatly reduces motion transfer, so you won’t feel the other person in bed getting up or moving around.

Roll Up & Store

Roll up & store:

Easy to roll up and store or move to another bed. Even to take with you for Octaspring comfort when staying away from home.

Instant Comfort Boost

Instant Comfort Boost:

Boost the comfort of your old mattress, sofa bed for guests or a spare bed that you can roll out at night – the Octasmart® Essentials toppers are the sleep solution for you.

Octacell Comfort Layer

OctacellTM Comfort Layer:

With a support system of 10,000 air filled cells, the flexible nature of OctacellTM technology promotes enhanced breathability, helping you to keep cool and avoid overheating.

Reimagined Octaspring Technology

Reimagined Octaspring® Technology:

Octacell™ reimagines our Octaspring® Technology’s eight-sided foam spring to create the unqiue Octacell™ top layer, infusing the same supportive and breathable benefits at comfortably affordable prices.

Pressure relieving comfort

Pressure Relieving Comfort:

Thanks to the dynamic formula of OctacellTM technology, the Octasmart® Essentials mattress toppers instinctively adapt to your body’s natural shapes and curves, promoting a soothing synergy between your bed and your body.

Cooling Octacell™ Technology

Cooling Octacell™ Technology:

Our new Essentials range delivers 25x cooler sleep, thanks to our expertly-crafted Octacell™ technology with its astounding 10,000 air filled cells. These cells provide cool, breathable comfort helping you to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

Aerocell® Support Base

Aerocell® Support Base:

The Aerocell® foam base soothes and comforts for perfectly balanced and supported sleep. The structure allows for the toppers to be used on mattresses, guest beds, old sofas or even directly on the floor.

Signature Cover

Signature Cover:

Hundreds of comfort pockets are built into the anti-allergenic smart performance cover, bringing extra freshness and allowing optimum circulation.

2 Choices of Feel

2 Choices of Feel:

Comfort is personal, and shouldn’t be compromised. Our sleep designers have created two choices of comfort. Choose Aerocell for slightly firmer support, or plusher memory foam, for instant cradling and a softer feel to your sleeping space.

Free Pillow worth £30

Free Pillow worth £30:

Complete your perfect sleep sanctuary with a bonus Essentials pillow featuring the same supportive Octacell™ technology and cooling properties as the mattress topper.

Whether you want to boost the comfort of your old bed, or you have unexpected guests and need a spare bed that you can roll out – Octasmart® Essentials Toppers are the right sleep solution for you. With this advanced Mattress Topper, the choice between two comfy feels is yours; the Aerocell® topper for firmer support, which is perfect for using on sofa beds or directly on the floor, or the plush comfort of the Memory topper to add sumptuous luxury to your existing mattress.

We all know that being at the right temperature helps you fall asleep and get a better night’s sleep. Most foam toppers will retain body heat, and your body will start to sweat to cool yourself down - making falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. We re-imagined our Octaspring® Aerospace technology and created Octacell™ - the next generation of sleep innovations. The OctacellTM comfort layer has over 10,000 air channels*, that helps hot air to escape your bed so you stay comfortably cool helping you fall asleep comfortably faster, but it also boosts the comfort of your existing bed providing instant ergonomic pressure relief for your entire body.

Two comfy feels one comfortable price

With Octasmart® Essentials, we have created two comfy feels of Toppers both at the same super comfortable price.


Firmer Support

The Octasmart® essentials Aerocell topper offers firmer support and is perfect to use on a sofa bed or even directly on the floor for those unexpected guests. The Octasmart® essentials Aerocell topper can also go on your existing mattress if you prefer a firmer feel.

Plush Comfort

The OCTAsmart® Essentials memory topper will upgrade your existing mattress to first class sleep. A plush luxurious feel, the OctacellTM memory foam layer comforts and cradles all night long.


The next generation of Sleep Innovations

Evolved from the patented award winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology, Octacell™ is the next generation of sleep innovations. The 3D modular comfort layer is symmetrically divided across 10,000 cells. Octacell™ technology enhances comfort in all our Essentials products providing instant ergonomic pressure relief for your entire body and superior air circulation to help you sleep faster, deeper and longer.

  1. Signature Cover
    Our signature cover features hundreds of micro air comfort pockets that boost natural air circulation for better comfort, cooler and fresher sleep.
  2. Octacell™ Memory Foam / Aerocell Layer
    The Octacell™ Aerocell® layer brings unique support, reduces pressure and thanks to the 10,000 air channels helps you get to the right sleep temperature faster. You choose whether you prefer this layer to provide you with a firmer or pusher feel.
  3. Aerocell® Support Base
    The Aerocell® foam base creates balanced support for your body, 3D structure is permanently elastic helping you get a more support through the night.
  4. Extra Breathability
    Thousands of micro-air channels built into the sides of the cover constantly provides fresh air circulation expelling hot air and keeping your body cooler and more comfortable.

Safe for you, Smart for the Planet

We use 25% less material in the OctacellTM technology and create no waste. These weight-savings contribute to our ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 for a greener planet. We also care about your health and only use materials, that are safe for your well-being. Our sleep products are all Oeko-Tex certified for your complete peace of mind.

Free Octasmart Essentials pillow

Receive a Octasmart® Essentials pillow featuring the same breathable Octacell™ layer as the mattress. You’ll enjoy a pillow that is cool, incredibly supportive and extremely comfortable. It’s worth £30 and yours as a free bonus with either of the Essentials mattresses.


Single: W: 90cm x L: 190cm x D: 5cm

Double: W: 135cm x L: 190cm x D: 5cm

King: W: 150cm x L: 200cm x D: 5cm

Super King: W: 180cm x L: 200cm x D: 5cm

Delivery of Octasmart Essentials mattress toppers is FREE. We have partnered with specialist couriers to ensure the best possible delivery experience for our customers. We can deliver to all addresses within the UK, however there maybe extra charges for deliveries to the Highlands and Islands. We are sorry, but we cannot deliver to Gibraltar and Channel Islands. We charge £4.95 for delivery of orders under £79.

60 night comfort guarantee

Try our topper in the comfort of your own home with our unique 60 night comfort guarantee. If you aren't getting the best night's sleep you've ever experienced, just return it to us within 60 nights of purchase and we'll refund your full purchase price.

Free Octasmart Essentials pillow

Your new Octasmart Essentials mattress topper is delivered with a free Octasmart Essentials pillow, our smartest pillow ever, absolutely free!

8 year warranty

Octasmart Essentials toppers are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards. For this reason we are able to offer an 8 year limited warranty for toppers in the Octasmart Essentials range.

Kinder to the planet

We use 50% less raw materials, and there is virtually no waste when producing Octaspring® technology. We have reduced our carbon footprint by making our mattresses lighter and 100% recyclable.

All our toppers are vacuum-packed for greater hygiene, but also for a more eco-responsible way of delivery to help our planet.

Simple steps for your first night’s sleep

  1. Take your topper to the room where you will use it and carefully cut the outer packaging using a blunt knife or scissors. Please be careful not to cut the topper cover.
  2. After opening, the topper will start taking its shape and the  cover might be slightly wrinkled, which is normal after vacuum packaging. Be assured it will disappear in just a few short hours.
  3. Your topper will take its original shape in 15 minutes, but let it breathe for at least 6 more hours, so all the core components completely recover.
  4. That’s it, your Octasmart® topper is ready for you. You might notice a new topper smell, which is normal and will dissipate in a couple of hours.
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