How to ensure your bedroom is winter ready

How to ensure your bedroom is winter ready

With this year's long, hot summer a distant memory, most of us are coming to terms with the frosty weather that's starting to arrive. And, when you're not outside stomping through fallen leaves or planning your Halloween costume this October, it's worth taking a minute or two to think about how you'll adapt your home to the cold. Your bedroom, in particular, may well be in need of some winter preparation. As you spend around a third of your day in there sleeping, it's essential that you make your space as comfortable and relaxing as possible when the temperatures plummet. To help you out, we've put together some great tips to help you get your room winter ready.

Invest in some winter-weight bedding

Firstly, to make sure you're nice and snug in bed it's probably time that you switched your lighter, summer-weight duvet for a heavier one. When you're shopping for a new duvet, be sure to choose one with 13.5 tog rating, as this offers the ideal insulation for the UK's winter months. If you're still feeling a chill with your new purchase, you can always add more layers to your bedding with extra sheets or a wool blanket to get that cosy feel. Because a healthy sleep cycle is important in winter, it's also a great time to update the rest of your bedding to ensure you're as comfy and supported as possible. So, if your pillow is feeling like a lump of lead or your mattress is giving you aches and pains, it might be time to invest.

Keep the chill out

Making sure your house doesn't get too chilly is key to avoiding any health problems through the winter. Treating conditions caused by cold homes costs health services around £3.6 million per day, according to statistics from National Energy Action, so you need to ensure the freezing weather is kept at bay. Firstly, you'll need to locate any draughts blowing into your bedroom. Light a tealight and move it slowly past your doors and windows, watching for any areas the flame flickers, as this means there is air moving through. You can use a draught excluder to cover the gaps under doors and heavy curtains or insulated blinds to prevent the cold reaching your room. This will also improve insulation and prevent heat escaping.

Adjust your heating accordingly

Cast your mind back to when you tossed and turned on those hot summer nights. Temperature is a big factor in how comfortably you can drop off to sleep, and this applies to how cold it is, too. Even though The Sleep Charity recommends that the ideal sleeping conditions are a cool 16–18⁰C, you may find that your bedroom drops below this range without some extra heat — a temperature of 12°C is low enough to cause restlessness. To compensate for the cold, be sure to set your thermostat to warm your bedroom to the ideal temperature before you go to bed. Remember, you don't need to have it running all day, as this is a waste of energy and money. Instead, set the timer to begin heating your room around an hour before you usually go to bed so that you'll be nice and toasty.

Create a cosy atmosphere

light-candle Just a couple of years ago, the Danish trend hygge took over the world with its values of warmth and cosiness. And, in our opinion, creating this type of atmosphere is the ideal way of turning your room into a welcoming refuge from the winter weather. Try adding rich winter colours, such as golds, deep reds, and mustards, to your space with throws, cushions, and bed linens. Tartan and plaid patterns work really well, too, as do soft furnishings in sheepskin and faux-fur. Another great idea is to put a rug down if you have bare floors. Not only will this bring the cosy look together, but it will help to keep your feet warm when you roll out of bed. When there is a lack of natural daylight during the winter, it's the perfect excuse to light up a few nice candles and enjoy their warm glow. It's also worth being tactical about which scents you choose, as some, like lavender, vanilla, and jasmine, have relaxing and sleep-boosting properties that can aid your rest, according to advice from the National Sleep Foundation. Take our tips on board and you can get your bedroom ready for winter right now. You'll then be able to relax in your cosy sleep sanctuary right through until the new year. If you have any questions about kitting out your bedroom or any of the tips discussed here, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also find more sleep advice in our advice centre and the rest of this blog.

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