Sleep Tips for Festival Camping

Sleep Tips for Festival Camping

From crack-of-dawn shower queuing to late night raving, festival season is in full swing. During these glorious weekends of music, mud and glitter, our routine goes out the window as quickly as our worries (and rightly so!) but so does our sleep…

With raging basslines, noisy neighbours, stuffy tents and uncomfortable air beds, sleep becomes almost non-existent, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with complete sleep deprivation. Follow these handy sleep tips for camping at festivals so you can get the best out of those scarce but sacred Zzzs:

Dormeo Pillows

1. Get yourself a decent pillow

Whether you’ve opted for a camping mat or upgraded to an airbed, it’s highly likely that you’re not going to be sleeping on anything remotely comfortable or supportive. To combat this, get yourself a decent pillow. By supporting your neck, a pillow will also allow your upper body and importantly, your spine, to take its natural alignment, and therefore relieving pressure across the rest of your body. A pillow. will go a long way in securing you a good sleep in a far more practical way than lugging a mattress across the campsite!

Eye Mask

2. Bring an eye mask

If there’s one alarm you’re guaranteed to be awoken by while festival camping, it’s natural daylight. Currently rising at around 4:45am, the sun will come beating down onto your tent whether you like it or not, disturbing your slumber and likely stopping you from getting back to sleep with ease. As a preventative measure, invest in a good blackout eye mask that sits comfortably around your head and over your eyes and nose. The material matters too; opt for a silk mask for light-weight, full blackout coverage, or cotton for soft comfort that wicks away moisture.

Tip: look for an eye mask with a fabric flap around the nose. This will prevent even the smallest bit of light from getting in under your mask and disturbing you.

3. Nap when you can

Besides getting to the right stage at the right time to see your favourite artist, the concept of time disappears at festivals. Instead of stressing about it, go with it and listen to your body. Daytime naps are the perfect way to top up your battery without feeling like you’re missing hours of fun. If the British weather is on your side, find a grassy spot near a stage with chillout artists playing, or head to the hippy fields for a moment of calm. If you’re up against the rain, pop back to your tent and have a lie down. A 20-minute nap can do wonders for your mind, body, and mood!

4. Don't attempt to sleep straight away

If you’ve got back to your tent after listening to live music or partying, don’t expect your body to be ready to sleep. There’ll likely be adrenaline coursing through your body or a ringing in your ears, so instead of lying awake, stay up a little longer and allow your body and mind to relax. Why not make the most of the camping chair you bothered to carry on your back and sit outside soaking up the atmosphere, or chat to your friends about your favourite part of the day?

Drinks and Dormeo

5. Avoid eating and drinking close to bed

Sleeping tip 101. We all know that eating and drinking too close to bed prevents our bodies from slowing down and preparing to sleep. Eating high energy foods keeps us up at night with our bodies working hard to digest them, and drinking will likely lead us to waking up in the middle of the night resulting in a dark and cold trudge to the portaloos. Stick to water if you’re thirsty and ensure you’ve had a fulfilling meal that won’t leave you reaching for the midnight munchies.

Following these simple festival camping hacks will go some way in ensuring you have a somewhat decent sleep, then you can look forward to the best shower and sleep of your life when it’s all over! If you’ve got any sleep tips for camping at festivals, head over to our Facebook and let us know.


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