Powered by our award-winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology

Octasmart Essentials Mattresses

Everybody’s comfort is unique. Thanks to our Octacell™ secret formula, our team have designed not one, but two mattresses that comfort and support you no matter how you sleep. So whether you’re a side, back or front sleeper, Essentials is for everyone!

Octasmart Essentials Mattress Toppers

Our Octasmart® Essentials mattress topper adds that extra comfort to guarantee a sprinkling of support for your sleep. Whether you want to boost the comfort of your old bed or you need a last-minute spare bed for guests that you can roll out at night – Octasmart® Essentials toppers will deliver it.

Octasmart Essentials Pillows

Our Octasmart® Essentials pillows are imbued with the plush powers of our patented Micropearl™ technology. Nurtured by our experts to provide intelligent support and cool calming comfort, our Micropearl™ pillows are designed with a choice of two comfy feels as well.

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The Secret of Octacell™ Sleep Technology

Octacell™ is the next generation of sleep innovations, inspired by our patented award-winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology. The magical formula of Octacell™ technology enhances comfort in all our Essentials' mattresses, toppers and pillows providing instant ergonomic pressure relief for your entire body and superior air circulation to help you sleep faster, deeper and longer. It's secret? A 3D modular comfort layer that is symmetrically divided across 10,000 air-filled cells that work as individual support points, provide unrivalled breathability and reduce transfer of motion. All the essentials for a great night's sleep.

Reimagined Octaspring® Technology

Octacell™ reimagines our Octaspring® Technology’s eight-sided foam spring to create the Octacell™ layer of our Essentials products, infusing the same supportive and breathable benefits at comfortably affordable prices

Cooling Octacell™ Technology

Our new Essentials range delivers 25x cooler sleep, thanks to our expertly-crafted Octacell™ technology with its astounding 10,000 air filled cells. These magical little cells provide cool, breathable comfort helping you to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

Pressure Relieving Comfort

Thanks to its instinctively responsive structure, the Octacell™ layer provides adaptive pressure relief with thousands of open air cells acting just like individual zones but working in harmony to evenly distribute body weight, replacing tension with tranquillity.

2 Choices of Feel

Comfort is personal, and shouldn’t be compromised. That’s why our sleep designers have created not one but two perfect choices of comfort across the Essentials range. Choose between Aerocell models for slightly firmer support, or plusher memory foam, for instant cradling and a softer feel to your sleeping space.

Signature Micro Air Pocket Cover

All products in the Essentials range come wrapped up in our signature Micro Air Pocket cover. It’s a system of tiny air pockets built into the fabric to make the range beautifully breathable for a soothing sleep.

No Transfer of Movement

Upgrading your sleep comfort means upgrading your sleep quality, even if there’s a restless sleeper involved. The Octacell™ comfort technology in both the mattresses and mattress toppers absorbs the disruptive movement from your partner, with zero motion transfer.


Quality counts when it comes to comfort. Our Octasmart® Essentials sleep products are made using the best quality materials and craftsmanship so that you don’t have to compromise on quality with comfort that is built to last.

Pure Freshness

The hypo-allergenic signature cover protects you from allergens, mould and dust mites, but also naturally helps wick away moisture - for a fresher night’s sleep.

Peace of Mind

Thanks to the resourceful powers of our revolutionary Octaspring® technology, we create peaceful sleep solutions that protect the planet. Designed to leave 50% less environmental footprint, our mattresses can be 100% recycled. All Octasmart® Essentials products are free from harmful chemicals and emissions and are certified by OEKO-TEX certificates.

Born from a Spring

Ultimate Comfort Machine

Cool & Breathable


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