Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Upgrade to the Dormeo Memory Plus memory foam mattress and benefit from 50% more pressure-relieving memory foam compared to the Memory Classic mattress. This mattress is designed to cradle and support you night after night to avoid you waking up with aches and pains. Wrapped in a luxurious Florentine-stitched cover with woven carbon fibres and infused with Sanitized® protection ensuring a hygienic sleep environment.

  • 50% more pressure-relieving memory foam originally designed by NASA, cleverly moulds to every contour of your body, delivering you restful and supportive sleep right through until morning.
  • The Ecocell Foam core has been developed to guarantee adaptable support reducing painful pressure points night after night.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and anti-fungal Sanitized® protection offers the most hygienic sleep environment
  • Four specifically designed air vents ensuring constant air circulation for ultimate breathability
  • Firmness: Medium

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Product Overview

The Italian story at the heart of Dormeo. The Dormeo Memory is our original best-seller and was the inspiration behind every other Dormeo memory mattress. This, the Memory Plus, is designed to give extra comfort with 50% more pressure-relieving memory foam which cradles and supports to avoid waking with aches and pains.

Our Memory mattress offers the best balance of next-generation, pressure-relieving materials, wrapped in a luxurious Florentine stitched cover which has carbon fibres woven directly into it. Carbon fibres create a barrier to dust and particles in the air ensuring a hygienic sleep surface. The mattress cover is also infused with Sanitized® protection, providing you with the ultimate anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-dust mite protection. Treat yourself to a new Dormeo Memory mattress and start getting a better night's sleep today.

Memory Foam

This pressure-relieving material originally designed for NASA, cleverly moulds to every contour of your body, delivering you restful and supportive sleep right through until morning. It senses your body's weight and temperature and remembers it. Memory foam responds to the position and shape of your body and makes the necessary adjustments to meet your body's needs. Dormeo's researchers have worked for years perfecting visco-elastic memory foam, developing the ideal combination of softness and support. It's not easy. The trick is to develop the right size molecules that bounce back not just for the first time but for years and years. Because of this technology, we proudly offer a fifteen-year guarantee on all Dormeo Memory mattresses.


In order to create a mattress that provides the perfect environment for healthy and comfortable rest, Dormeo sleep experts have developed special materials for the mattresses. Ecocell™ is a unique, next-generation foam designed to be permanently elastic with a 3-dimensional cellular structure, providing efficient air circulation and support where you need it. Ecocell™ has been especially developed to guarantee point adaptable support and remain permanently elastic. Three-dimensional cellular structure allows the material to breathe. While you sleep, the elasticity of Ecocell™ foam reduces the painful pressure points that can sometimes cause you to toss and turn during the night.

Anti-bacterial & Anti-dust protection

At Dormeo, we care about your comfort and hygiene. Therefore we use special anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and anti-fungal Sanitized protection on our Memory mattresses offering a hygienic environment and preventing the mattress from developing fungi, one of the most common irritants for asthma sufferers. Dormeo Memory mattress has carbon fibres woven directly into the cover, creating a barrier for dust particles in the air ensuring a hygienic sleep environment.

Air Vents

For optimum breathability this mattress has four specially designed air vents which ensure constant air circulation through the mattress. Sleep comfortably at the right temperature.


Memory Foam Depth3cm
Ecocell Foam Depth14cm
FeaturesMemory Foam, Anti-Allergy, Carbon Fibre, Ecocell Foam, No Flip
Warranty15 Years
3’0 Single DimensionsL 190cm x W 90cm x H 17cm
4’6 Double DimensionsL 190cm x W 135cm x H 17cm
4’0 Small Double DimensionsL 190cm x W 120cm x H 17cm
5’0 King DimensionsL 200cm x W 150cm x H 17cm
6’0 Super King DimensionsL 200cm x W 180cm x H 17cm

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Dormeo Memory Plus Memory Foam Mattress