Octasmart Mattress Topper

Upgrade to the Octasmart Mattress Topper featuring award-winning Octaspring technology for a night of superior sleep. Transform any mattress into the most comfortable and coolest bed for a restful sleep all night long.

  • Patented honeycomb-shaped Octasprings® move three-dimensionally and promote constant airflow for the most comfortable night's sleep.
  • Each single Octaspring comfort point adapts to you and releases pressure across your entire body, providing ultimate sleep quality.
  • 3 smart body zones create optimal support for your back, shoulders, and hips for unique comfort.
  • Top layer of high quality Aerocell™Foam adapts and moulds perfectly to your unique shape.
  • Firmness: Medium/Firm

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Product Overview

Just as your phone and TV have become smart, now so can your sleep. Using the latest innovation in sleep technologies, Octasmart® mattress toppers are powered by patented multi-award winning Octaspring® aerospace technology. Transform your mattress into the most comfortable and coolest bed of your dreams.

A layer consisting of hundreds of individual Octasprings® at the heart of the Octasmart® Mattress Topper evens out the lumps and bumps in your old mattress and adapts to your body. A patented Octavent™ Air System with a smart performance cover allows your bed to breathe through the night, plus 3 smart body zones create optimal support for your back, shoulders and hips - that’s what we call smart comfort engineering!

Smart Comfort at Heart

The Octasmart® Mattress Topper combines three next-generation sleep technologies into one smart topper:

1. Supportive Aerocell Foam

A top layer of the highest quality open cell aerocell foam moulds perfectly to your unique shape for blissful comfort, adapting to, and cradling your entire body.

2. Octaspring® technology

At the heart of the topper are hundreds of 4cm Octasprings® which work together to support and cradle every inch of your body, 3-dimensionally adapting to alleviate pressure from the back, hips & shoulders.

Every single Octaspring® comfort point adapts to your body weight and releases pressure across the extra sensitive support points, improving comfort and providing better sleep quality.

3. Our Signature Ecocell™ Foam

A bottom layer of our signature Ecocell™ foam, with a 3-dimensional permanent cell structure, offers a great supportive base. As well as transforming your old mattress, the topper can be used on your guest best, sofa bed, futon or even directly on the floor.

Octavent™ Air system

Our Octavent™ Air system makes your topper naturally 8 times more breathable, cooling your bed temperature by 3°C, helping you fall asleep faster, and sleep deeper for longer.

This patented system harmonises award-winning Octaspring® aerospace technology with a smart performance cover, together allowing cool air to circulate inside the topper and hot air escape.

Like Sleeping on Clouds

The hundreds of comfort pockets built into the smart performance cover will make you feel like you are sleeping on tiny clouds. It brings extra freshness to the topper allowing better air circulation and letting hot air escape.

Smart Zoning

Different firmness Octaspring® springs are arranged in 3 body zones to provide customised support for your back, with more support for your hips and shoulders which allows your spine to comfortably take its natural shape.

Safe for you, Smart for the Planet

Designed to leave 50% less environmental footprint, our toppers can be 100% recycled. Octasmart® products are free from harmful chemicals and emissions and are certified by OEKO-TEX certificates.


Single: W: 90cm x L: 190cm x D: 7cm

Double: W: 135cm x L: 190cm x D: 7cm

King: W: 150cm x L: 200cm x D: 7cm

Super King: W: 180cm x L: 200cm x D: 7cm

*Spring colour may vary.


Show BNPLYes
FirmnessPlush or Firmer Feel
FeaturesDry Clean
Warranty8 Years

Product FAQ 17

Product Questions and Answers
  1. Q:Can I pay in instalments?
    A:We have partnered with Klarna to bring you new ways to pay at the checkout. It's a safe and simple way to get your best night's sleep ever with affordable monthly repayments.
  2. Q:How long does the mattress topper take to recover from being rolled?
    A:The mattress topper must be opened within 30 days of delivery. After opening, your mattress will regain its normal shape in 15 minutes and be ready to sleep on after 6/8 hours. For further care instructions, please read our Mattress Care Guide.
  3. Q:How long is delivery?
    A:Product delivery times vary between products, please check the delivery time stated when adding your product to your basket. Please allow an extra 7 days from receiving your despatch confirmation e-mail if your delivery is to Northern Ireland, the Highlands, and the Islands of Scotland.
  4. Q:How is the mattress topper delivered?
    A:Our mattresses toppers are vacuum packed, which enables easy transportation and excellent hygiene. This is a free doorstep delivery. You can upgrade your delivery service to a room of choice with assembly, please call us at 0800 2248 361 for availability and prices
  5. Q:Is it easy to return if I don't like it?
    A:If your mattress topper comes with a sleep trial you can return within 60 days. Please see returns guide.
  6. Q:What is the warranty on your mattress toppers?
    A:Our Quality Control team works tirelessly to maintain our quality standards and the manufacturing processes involved in making our products, which is why we are proud to offer warranties of up to 8 years on selected mattress toppers. Check out each warranty lengh - https://www.dormeo.co.uk/warranty
  7. Q:Can I cut the topper to fit my campervan/ motor home?
    A:Yes, you can however you will not be able to return it or claim on the warranty.
  8. Q:Can I re-roll the topper when not in use?
    A:The topper will not go back into the packageing delievered in however you can fold or roll the toppper to store when not required.
  9. Q:Can the topper be used on the floor?
    A:Yes, the depth max 7cm and can be used on the floor, we do not recommend using it on the floor for long periods of time.
  10. Q:Does the topper have straps?
    A:No, our toppers use anti-slip technology, we also recommend using a fitted sheet over the mattress and topper.
  11. Q:Can I use an electric blanket?
    A:We do not use an electric blanket the heat can cause the foam to become mishappened over time and may invalidate the warranty.
  12. Q:Can the topper be used on a sofa bed? And can it be folded away with the sofa bed?
    A:Our toppers can be used on a sofa bed and can be folded away when not being used.
  13. Q:Does the topper need to be rotated?
    A:Our toppers should be rotated once a week for the first 4 weeks of use and then once every 4 weeks thereafter. Rotate head to toe and vice versa, they do not need to be flipped.
  14. Q:Does the topper have a washable cover?
    A:Yes, the cover is removable and washable up to 40 degrees. (Not applicable to Octasmart Essentials Topper)
  15. Q:Why don't you supply small doubles?
    A:We are currently in the process of producing a range of small double toppers - watch this space!
  16. Q:Do you do kids' mattresses toppers?
    A:We have a wide range of mattress toppers to suit the whole family.
  17. Q:Do I need a Dormeo Mattress?
    A:No, you can use our toppers to refresh any mattress!

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