Phil Lawlor, Sleep Expert at Dormeo UK

Phil Lawlor is the resident Dormeo sleep expert – his job is to try out the latest mattresses and bedding to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible, making him our professional mattress tester.

When it comes to trialling a new mattress, Phil tries every sleeping position to review key aspects, such as comfort and support. Plus, he'll consider the materials, durability, craftsmanship, breathability, and material temperature to make sure that our products are the very best that money can buy.

When he's not helping our team design cutting-edge products, Phil spends his time reading up on the latest developments in the sleep industry.

From thread counts to the latest NASA sleep technology and aids, everything sleep related has his attention, positioning him an expert on sleep – this expertise has been featured in The Independent, The Sun, Furniture News, The Spruce and Interiors Monthly.

Before joining the Dormeo team, Phil worked in the mattress and bedding industry, helping to create a new range of mattresses. Spending a lot of time on the factory floor and working with suppliers to test the latest materials and products means he really knows just about everything there is to know about the science behind great night's sleep.